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We got to Lima, Peru two days earlier than expected. We were originally intending to fly into Lima on the 1st May, however between the 1st being a public holiday and us needed some extra time to get to cuzco we decided to shift the flight forward to the 29th April.

We´d been reading the lonely planet about Lima, which does not give it a good wrap at all and you pretty much come away from reading it with the feeling that if you get out of there without being robbed and both your kidneys, you´ve been lucky. Therefore we were a little anxious. We got off the plane and onto a bus that was to take us to a bus termal to take us to Ica (out of Lima). The bus gave us our first taste of the hussle and bustle of Lima and i have to say i reckon it looked great. The road rules were pretty much non-existant and line markings appeared to be just there for fun. It looked pretty much to be first in best dressed. No indication or room required for a lane change, just go and hope for the best. I wouldn´t want to be driving, but it was fun, no doubts about that. Not sure how you describe them (Limurians?), however they love the horn, love it!

The other big thing we noted about Lima was the constant stench of sewerage and urine. It is a smell that seemed to be everywhere we went. However it is not surprising when you look at the development of the city, it all seems so unsustainable, but when compared to our citys, they are not that much different, makes you think. Any rivers that may have once flown through the city are now dried upconcrete aquaducts that i´m sure resemble nothing of their once former glory.

We caught the bus out of lima to Ica on a Soyuz Bus (which may have been the infamous James and Bianca bus about 6 months ago?). We paid for ´Executive Class´ as it was not much more than cattle class, this was i think our first rip off of Lima. Not sure what the executive class was supposed to look like, however i dont think we were on it. And the funnibest bit is all the gringos like us pay the official amount for the bus, then it leaves the terminal and stops around the first corner where all the locals get on for half the price, top work by them.

The bus left Lima and immeditaley the landscape changed from city to a flat, barren area as far as the eye could see. Its was amazing to see this type of landscape directly abutting the beach to the pacific ocean. I really enjoyed looking at this type of ladscape, however once you get past the initial awe of the scale, it makes for a pretty boring bus ride.

I would like to return to Lima one day, it looked good, but would need to keep on your toes, thats for sure.

AlexGiron says:
Hey you, you don't know anything about Lima
It is terrible to read such mistaken information written by two foreigners...
Posted on: Sep 12, 2007
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