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Ferry from Porto Seguro to Arrial dĀ“Ajuda. Hi!

After a marathon 36hr bus journey we arrived in porto seguro. The 36 hrs was half the brazilian bus companise faults and half ours. We tried to head a marine national park off the coast, however when we got there to find no boats available for several days we had to back track for several hours. Anyway after our seventh bus and a day and a half of travelling we ended up in porto seguro.

Porto Seguro isn't too exciting in itself, it used to be a big holiday destination for brasillians, however a town just down the coast has now taken that and Porto Seguro is a big place with all the infrastructure but not much excitiment. This other place is called Arrial a'adjuna and we decided to take a day trip over to watch the football,  we caught a car a ferry over to the beach and ended up getting drunk watching the english and brazilians lose their respective quarter finals matches, damn english.
Hi again.
The brasillians were very disappointed, but got over it pretty quickly, dancing in the streets within half an hour or so. I was quite amazing watching the town shut down before the game, literally you could do nothing that involved a brasiilain unless it also involved football.

Returned to Porto Seguro that night quite drunk and went out for a meal along what is called the alcahol walkway. Street vendors set up all the way along here and make fresh fruit cocktails for you whenever yiu want, they also hassle the hell out of you as you walk by. Had a big meal of fish that could have served four and did some gringo shopping down the main street. Very nice indeed.

Struck around in Porto Seguro a bit loinger than expected as we decided to start writing our resumes for working in London, not quite as much fun as lazing on the beach.
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Ferry from Porto Seguro to Arrial …
Ferry from Porto Seguro to Arrial…
Hi again.
Hi again.
Bought these brazil tops 30mins be…
Bought these brazil tops 30mins b…
Porto Seguro
photo by: klutsen