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Buidlings, they don´t look as good from up close.

Ah La Paz, what a place. We left Puno by bus and passed through copabana, all the time reading the lonely planet, which pretty much says if we don´t get killed, robbed or raped in La Paz we are lucky people (over exaggeration by LP as usual). On the bus trip there is a ferry crossing where everyone has to get off the bus and take a seperate ferry across, the bus goes across on its own little platform. Didn´t look to sturdy, but it made, so no problemos there.

The bus dropped us at a hotel where they tried to charge us a fortune for a nights accomadation, we weren´t having any of that after hearing from everyone how cheap bolivia is. We headed off to find a bargain and found something close with a private room and cable.

Boot shining is everywhere. You almost have to run to get away from them, persistent dudes.
Was more expensive than we were anticipating, but it was right in the centre of a capital city, so can´t complain. Got to see two weeks of the OC in a row, you little ripper.

We stayed in La Paz for almost three weeks in total while we did trips to the Salt Lakes, the jungle and the pampas. These are all written up in seperate sections, but La Paz was home while we were not in these other places. Certainly is an interesting city, very different from the other big cities of Cusco and Arequipa we have been lately. Food is really cheap, we went out for several big meals with friends we met along the way. Beers, wine, #########, have it all and it costs almost nothing. Its really weird as almost no locals eat in the restaurants, they all have lunch from street vendors, this is really cheap, but we weren´t will to risk eating it for the chance of being glued to the throne for a week afterwards.

A view from near where we stayed.

We spent a lot of time just walking the streets taking it all in and a huge amount of time looking for authentic world cup football guernseys. Nothing is authentic in bolivia, needless to say we didn´t have any luck in finding a top. Found many shockingly bad fakes though, which of course they claim are authentic.

A few things we have noted about bolivia along the way:

- Rivers in bolivia are not for the transfer of water to sustain ecosystems, they are for washing buses and cars

- Police wear riot gear and carry big guns, don´t mess with them

- Rubbish bins don´t exist, rubbish goes in the gutter, doesn´t matter what it is

- Don´t bother looking for a seatbelt, you won´t find one

- Footpaths are not for walking, they are for street markets. You walk in the street

-Young children (and some older ones) go to the toilet in the street. Not to worry about privacy

La Paz is a great place, easily one of the best we´ve been and a new front runner as my favorite city.

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Buidlings, they don´t look as goo…
Buidlings, they don´t look as go…
Boot shining is everywhere. You al…
Boot shining is everywhere. You a…
A view from near where we stayed.
A view from near where we stayed.
The whole area is mountainous. Sno…
The whole area is mountainous. Sn…
The view from La Paz on the way in.
The view from La Paz on the way in.
La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009