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Yesterday we went to la Universidad Mayor's main campus in Huachuraba-- aka ridiculously far away from our regular school. Huachuraba is pretty cool; it's very close to el Cerro de Santa Lucia and is far enough away from the city that we could actually see the hills. Downtown Santiago is very very polluted, and in the winter it's even worse. The only thing that makes the pollution dissipate is the rain. Of course, after it rains, it's freezing outside: literally, 0 degrees C. At first I had trouble with the pollution (my contacts were irritated mostly), but now I'm fine. If you usually have respitory problems or your eyes get irritated easily, you might want to make some medication/inhaler and a bottle of eye solution.

Yesterday was a wash for me, unfortunately.
After class at the far away campus, I went back home and slept for over 12 hours! Eek! It's just a little body ache, nothing major, but everyone I took to keeps telling me to be careful, especially since nearly everyone in our house is sick-- Paul, Nadine, and even Lucy! Emily also thinks she is getting sick, so now I'm even a little preoccupied. Like I said before (I think?) it's wintertime here, and as it becomes winter everywhere, people ALWAYS get sick. Luckily, I think this is just 'adjusting'-sick, as I am feeling much better today.

Anyway, enough about that. Today we were to go to the Plaza Italia to take las fotos, but it was raining so we had class instead. After class, Emily, her mom and I went to the big malls here in Providencia- Paris and the one across from Paris, Panosonico, I think? The malls really impressed me-- apparently Chilenos take their shopping very seriously.
The Paris mall has several floors, and is really tightly controlled by security. In fact, Emily and I saw a really funny shoe advertisement that read in English, "I feel wood!" I'm pretty sure they were trying to sell the virtues of clogs, but Emily and I nearly died we were laughing so much. In fact, I took a picture of it-- to come later, when Emily finds her card reader.

Last night a big group of us (all 5 Americans, the two Germans, and our saving grace, el Mexicano) went out to find a discoteca/nightclub (the girls) and lots of drinks (the boys). We went to Via Suecia, which our guidebook does NOT recommend, and now I see why. We found ONE disco, and it was really sketch. One of the many things the lady who invited us to come in offered was "Sexo gratis"- free sex! And literally, people were having sex on the dance floor. We're not prudes by any means, but the bar was really seedy. The interesting thing about Chilean nightlife is all the promoters standing outside who demand, basically, that you come into their place. A person promoting, say, Club A, will walk over to you/your group and start offering tons of things: free drinks, free entry, lots of dancing, etc. And then a person promoting Club B will see you, and run over and start counter-offering: more free drinks, more dancing, whatever you're looking for. It can get overwhelming, having everyone grabbing you and talking up their club. However, it DOES work-- we went to one place because a) the guy spoke English (which really impressed one of our group mates) and b) he offered a round of free pisco sours.

Eventually, Emily called Paul (our house-mate, who was out with his friends) and asked for recommendations. We ended up walking a couple of blocks to a chill outdoor bar and spent nearly 3 hours just talking and drinking. The drinks were two for one, so Emily and I took advantage of that and shared everything. I had a mojito, which was good (although super strong), but the amaretto pisco sour was by far my favorite. I strongly suggest that if you go out in Chile, you ALWAYS get a pisco sour. Since it's Chile's national drink (it's Chilean brandy with lemon), all the bars are very good at making it. Some bars' pisco is fresher than others though-- and I DON'T recommend going to Via Suecia.
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photo by: Bluetraveler