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Well, we FINALLY made it to Santiago de Chile! After two horrendous days on the road (where we missed our first flight due to weather) and had to spend a night in Dallas, sans clothes or car, and then having to spend 4 extra hours in the Dallas International Airport because our plane was broken, we FINALLY made it. And in case you are wondering, yes, it has been worth all that trouble!

So are you curious about the title, 9 Foreigners and One Bathroom? Well, check this out: our family is comprised of the 4 actual family members, Mama Velzy (pronounced Vel-see or Bel-see, depending on your pronunciation), Papa Carlos, Carlos Hijo (Carlos Jr), and Ivan. That's not so bad, but then we have Paul (which is pronounced 'Pole'), Lucy (the Taiwanese girl whose name isn't Lucy but her real name is so difficult, everyone calls her Lucy), and Nadine (Carlos Hijo's girlfriend). Plus Emily and I, there is nine people in our house, to one bathroom with a shower. There is another bathroom, 'el bano de las emergencias', according to our Mama.  Carlos Hijo, I think out of frustration, has put up a schedule of when we're allowed to use the bathroom in the morning. All the other times, it's pretty much a free for all.

So what can I say about nuestra (our) family? Let's go down the list!

Mama Velzy y Papa Carlos -- Mama is from Croatia, and is really tall and stocky and white. I mean, she is PALE, and blonde! It was definitely a shock to see this pale, blonde guera speak Spanish. Anyway, Papa Carlos is really nice and friendly and loves talking to everyone. He would be the 'good cop' in this house. Mama Velzy, while nice, is very strict. She told us straight off that there is to be no smoking or drinking in the house. They drink in the house, but rarely, and they don't allow us to. And forget about partying. She made it pretty clear that should we come home drunk, she will be very angry and we'll have to talk with Lorena (the lady in charge of our program). Emily and I weren't sure how serious she was , but Pole reinforced this idea of her as the 'bad cop' when he told us stories of the people who lived in our room before us. All in all, they are buena gente (good people) and they really want us to learn Spanish, and they're always correcting us (in a good way).

Ivan & Lucy -- I put these two together even though they're not related because yesterday, Pole discovered that Ivan has a crush on Lucy. Before you think, oh it's just gossip, you must first understand Ivan. All I can say is that he reminds me (I'm not being cruel, just honest) of the Beast, from Beauty and the Beast. He's a giant person (like 6'4? 6'5?), and has longish, shaggy black hair, and this crazy moustache/beard going on that's really unkempt.  He's 18, and he's already in college, studying engineering. According to Mama, he only "studies, rides his bike, and practices his piano." Mama thinks the world of him, and today talked to us for 10 minutes about the virtues of her youngest son- his 'superior intelect', which boiled down to 'He is our golden boy!' in broken English, hence the title of this entry. He doesn't go out, he doesn't have friends, and he doesn't drink. From what I've seen, it's true (so far). He's pretty much the most boring person in this house, so for him to have a crush on Lucy is pretty funny. Lucy, the Taiwanese girl, is in Chile for an entire year to learn Spanish, but she doesn't know ANYTHING right now. No kidding, she just learned how to say 'My name is Lucy" yesterday. Pole, Emily and I have decided their courtship will be in complete silence-- although Ivan has taken a strange liking to wanting to learn Chinese (one of the other languages Lucy speaks, other than English and Taiwanese).

Pole -- Paul/Pole is from Florida, and just graduated two years ago from the University of Florida. His Mom is Mexican and his Dad is American, so his Spanish is absolutely perfect (as is his English). He's here working for the United Nations for 10 weeks on a Corruption Index for Latin America (basically, he studies corruption and puts all the info in an easy to read format). He's our best friend in this house, and he's given us the scoop on the whole family, plus all the drama the family has had with other students in the past. He's also a giant person, like 6'4, so Emily and I think he will be a good person to take with us on the weekends.

Carlos Hijo and Nadine -- Carlos Hijo is 28 years old and still lives in the house with his parents and his girlfriend, who's probably 25 but looks 12 (no joke, she's shorter than I am, and I'm only 5'3). I know living with one's parents is a big thing in Latin American countries, but not with your girlfriend, and unmarried at that. Enough said.

Well, I think that should be it for today. We have lots of homework to do, plus this is a lot to read. Mas tomorrow!
Nico22 says:
Great blog, always interesting living with a family in a homestay, good to see you're having a nice time in Chile!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2007
momcheadle says:
Mom & Dad say hi! We miss you!!!
Posted on: Jul 06, 2007
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