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The main reason I came to Frankfurt was because Singapore Airlines has a direct flight. Yes this doesnt sound too convincing but I do not really like the idea of connecting flights if I can help it. Based on what I had read, Frankfurt is quite a modern city with skyscrapers (its the business capital for Germany afterall) but it still has its historic sites as well. I was more keen on historic sites, old buildings.

So I arrived Frankfurt at 8.45 pm Friday night. Due to delay in baggage, I only cleared at 9.30 a.m. Had a nightmare of an experience trying to get to the hotel (details in my review of Carat Hotel). So I set off to Cologne from Frankfurt HBF on Sat (YAY!!!).

I had bought a return flight thus I had to return to Frankfurt after a week (of exploring other German cities), to finally explore this city before going back to Singapore. I arrived at Frankfurt Am Main HBF around 3.30 pm. Wow, this is one old train station! Huge too! And very busy. I was supposed to walk northwards to exit and find my hotel. Missed it and found a carpark instead. Then finally my hotel. It was quite warm, I was surprisingly sweating unlike in Berlin or Cologne. With the help of the helpful hotel staff I went about my exploration of Frankfurt.

The area around the HBF was true to what I have read. Slightly sleazy, adult entertainment shops lined the road. Thank God for the police always patrolling around the area! I came upon the Euro tower - hey I recognised that Euro sign board from watching the news channel from cable TV. Then I finally found the tourist spot - the Romerberg & St Nikolas Church. I knew the building was ruined during the war so this is not the original state but it looks good enough. The square was big and theres always tourist groups here. I felt hungry & walked towards the Zeil (shopping centre). Clever design for a shopping mall though I must say a lot of space wasted! They could have fit in more some small shops in those areas. I could see most parts of the city from the observation point in the Zeil. I continued walking and saw the river. I somehow ended up taking a different route back to the hotel, it feels like I am wandering the backlanes of India or Pakistan (not that I have been there). The rows of shop selling Indian kinda stuff and the shop owners are all men. I must admit I felt intimidated by their stares. So I kept my cool and walked faster til i get to a familiar road - felt so happy to see that old Commerzbank building lol!

On Saturday morning, I headed towards Museumsel. Theres supposed to be a flea market along the river today. I think it was too early and most of the museums were not opened yet. The only museum that was opened & I would be interested in was the film museum. Everything was in German thus of no help to me. There are so many people at the flea market but I sensed that the sellers are not originally from Germany. They looked turkish/polish/eastern European. Since I cant speak German its best I dont buy anything in case I got cheated. All kinds of things were being sold here. I must say some of the items on sale were very pretty.

I decide to spend the day in the Romerberg- Zeil area. There is always a crowd but today there is something special. I saw a concert or something in the centre area between the Church & Zeil. However, the band that was performing were French. Not a bad performance actually! Thereafter I walked to the Main Tower. Wow! Bloody long queue!!! Nevermind, I have plenty of time!! Ok security is tight! The moment I reached the observation platform, it started to rain! Everyone started to run down to the stairs to the waiting area. This cant be happening!! I have not taken a single picture of myself and I had I waited like 45 minutes? Luckily, the rain stopped pretty fast (5 minutes) and I went up again to take pictures. End the day - Happy :) 

On my last day (Sunday) gosh i wished I had booked an earlier flight. All the shops are closed (except those small ones in HBF). There was nothing to do! I cant surf the web at the hotel cos I do not know how to use European keyboard. I took a stroll and sat by the Main River. 

I tried to walk across a different bridge across the Main River each time. At one point in time, I was reminded of home. Seeing the skyscrapers whilst standing on the bridge (think walking along Clarke/Boat Quay in Singapore and seeing the skyscrapers at Raffles Place!!). Plus I see a lot of Chinese people here in Frankfurt. Am I missing home? Not really but I decide to give my mom a call since I havent call her since my arrival in Frankfurt.  

I think there is some religous festival or something going around the Romerberg today as there were a lot of booths and nuns around. I contemplated going to the Botanic Gardens but it was already 4 pm and it would such a rush since it will close at 5.30 or 6. I headed back to the hotel and sat at the lobby to kill time before making my way to the airport. While sitting around I decide to ask this group of Chinese aunties where are they from. They are also from Singapore and taking the same flight as me! Wow, what a small world indeed. 

I bid goodbye the city at 6 as I set my way to the airport.

Auf Wiedersehen :)








montecarlostar says:
I think I am doing the same as you, flying into Frankfurt because we have a direct flight from Houston :)
Posted on: Feb 11, 2012
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