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I am set to arrive in Koln from Frankfurt at 1.15 pm. I took my first ever ICE train from Frankfurt Flughafen HBF. Finding it was a little more complicated then I thought. Having had a nightmare of an experience on my arrival last nite I kept my fingers crossed that I would not get lost and that the train arrives on time.

Based on what I have read over the internet, one must validate the ticket at the train station, failing which be prepared to pay a hefty penalty to the German ticket master (the thought of a big tall fierce looking person telling to me to get off the train crossed my mind!). I went to the DB info office and was told no need since this is an internet ticket. Thank u DB Bahn!!

Ok the ICE train came on time and reached Koln on time. Very efficient! As the train reaches the Koln HBF I can already see the magnificent Kolner Dom & the "love" bridge which was filled with padlocks.

Cologne City Hall
I went down and waited for Stefan. Ok no where in sight. Dont panic Fauz. I called him and he said he was at the platform. (I didnt know that anyone can go to the platform without a ticket). Finally we found each other. Yay! Stefan was still surprised by the idea of me in Koln. I think I definitely stood out in the crowded HBF for being so petite in size!

So he drove us back to his place for me to unpack. We then walked towards Neumarkt. Wow shopping area. It was pretty crowded. Stefan said I was very lucky as the weather is very lovely today. I can go around without a jacket. Then I saw The Gothic Structure - The Koln Cathedral (Kolner Dom). I was in awe, as coming from Singapore, nothing really historical remained. No wonder thousands of people flocked to see it every year! The Koln City Hall was lovely, there were a few people getting married today it seems.

King Fredrick
Lovely atmosphere :)

I was hungry thus we continued walking towards the river (Fishmarkt & Gross St Martin Church). As we continued down the river past the Olympic & Chocolat museum, I saw another side of Koln. The modern side. New buildings I believe to be offices and new apartments. Very modern and interesting design. Its lovely to see everything so historical/ old and the new modern side of the city co-exist together (something I will never see back home). I had my first meal - doner kebab & Kolsch (my very first Kolsch) in a restaurant by the river.

In the evening, Stefan brought me to my very first German Beer Garten. Its so free & easy. I had a pretzel first while waiting for my main course. Sausages, plenty of fries. I was so full! The tables are old (probably to heavy usage) but the place was packed! Theres a lake nearby and a band was performing nearby.

Then we walked our way home through the park. 

I was awaken the early next morning by the sound of Church bells. Since theres so many churches, they seem to "take turns" to ring. That I would hear like 5 bells for each hour. Its a Sunday thus I was warned that not much can be done as shops are closed. We walked to Feynsin for breakfast - just lovely. (refer to my review of Feynsin)

It started to rain while we were eating. Hmm..we went back & take a rest before driving to Bonn

Later in the evening, I wandered off on my own as Stefan had an appointment. Stefan dropped me off at the Kolner Dom. I should be safe right? I am in a Church. There was a prayer in session thus I had to wait a while before wandering around.

Stefan cheering me to finish up my Kolsch
Much of it was closed this evening. I decided to walk outside around the Cathedral and I was sort of harrassed by a Turkish fella who keep saying hello to me & seems to follow me everywhere I go. I went back into the Cathedral to escape & when I came out hes just there. This is my 1st unpleasant experience (besides getting lost) during this trip. I approached a Japanese couple to take photos & chatted with them for a while to get rid of the fella. 

Then I walked the alley towards the river. I did miss a turn & almost got lost (and its so dark & I dont speak a word German should I need to shout for help). I sat at a restaurant at Fishmarkt to have dinner. I was feeling very cold thus I sat indoors. After finishing my dinner I thought I wait for Stefan outside so he wouldnt missed me.

As I sat there waiting another fella came by & said hi. Hmm...then passed by again & said hi. I didnt dare smile in case he decide to sit with me. Then he walked past again. Ok its 11 pm now & I dont know how to walk back home. The street seems empty. Shit! I was telling myself. Where is Stefan? I decided to call him. He finally came & found me. Saved!!!

Stefan drove us to Aachen & Vaals the next morning. Lovely roadtrip!!

On my final day here, we went to the Koln Dom. Yes I intend to walk up those 500 steps. I must say for a building thats so old, the stairs are pretty well maintained. I was imaging chipped steps with holes but I saw nothing of that sort. The Bell was enormous - it is the largest bell in the World afterall.

By the time I reached the bell I was feeling a little funny. I had cold sweat, ok maybe the altitude. I was breathing very hard & desperately needed a seat. I think walking up so fast & overtaking those few couples might have been a bad idea!! Then the Bell rang!! Whoa!! That definitely shook me up! I got up & started walking again but I was still dizzy. I sat & regained my composure theres no way I am not making up to the top having come this far!! Stefan was worried that I would collapse lol! 

I came to reach the peak so I must do it! And I did!! And we rush down the steps as I was getting late for my flight! Before that - a stop at 4711 store - the signature smell that would always remind me of my grandma/ grandaunts..Bought my souvenirs & off to Bonn airport we go!

On my arrival the staff said that theres been a change in flight.

Me trying get a hold of myself having walked up those 500 steps.
This flight might be very packed cos the earlier flight (tat I was supposed to take was cancelled). I didnt receive any noitifcation damn it. Stefan spoke to the staff on mybehalf & in the end I still manage to take the flight.

So I bid farewell to Stefan, I certainly should have stayed longer and embark on my next journey. See him again next year when hes back in Singapore. Thank very much Stefan for showing me around his hometown. 















Fabulous travelogue about your time in Köln. :-)
Posted on: May 13, 2014
FoxyFauz says:
Thank u for your comments :) I think u will enjoy yourself as I do, Carlos :)
Posted on: Feb 12, 2012
cicie says:
Sound nice hooliday, Fauz:)
Posted on: Feb 11, 2012
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Cologne City Hall
Cologne City Hall
King Fredrick
King Fredrick
Stefan cheering me to finish up my…
Stefan cheering me to finish up m…
Me trying get a hold of myself hav…
Me trying get a hold of myself ha…
Inside the Kolner Dom
Inside the Kolner Dom
King Fredrick
King Fredrick
Me smiling away satisfied at the e…
Me smiling away satisfied at the …
My photo taken while trying get ri…
My photo taken while trying get r…
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