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To prove we were up at sunrise
From having gone to bed so early the previous day, we woke up early and decided to go and watch sunset over the lake. We were a little premature on this and got down to the lake at about 7:15. Sun eventually rose at 8:25, but which time we had lost patience and were walking back from the pier in the lake to the hotel, thus missing photo opportunities. As our first hotel only had availability for 1 night, we had to move hotels so we decided to walk around and find a new spot. Went through a few places and realised that a few were closed for the off-season, a few had not space and then eventually found this spot - Hotel Premier. Premier I guess is due to being one of the first in the town and not much else, but it is a room and *Winner* it has wireless internet access in the rooms – for just £15.
Nice fake rocks. They look almost real don't they?
From there we found a laundry and a car hire place. It seems like all the hire cars in Argentina are Corsa’s (although Chevy Corsa here), so we have a British Racing Green Corsa. Quite a change to get used to left hand drive again. We took a drive around this afternoon along the Circuito Chico (boys route for some unknown reason) which is a drive of about 65km around a number of lakes and through some of the most awesome scenery imaginable. Think of the best view you can in Knysna of lakes, mountains etc and then picture this scenery around every bend. Every time you go into a new area it takes your breath away. Along the way we went to the local “fancy” hotel called Llao Llao (cheapest room is US$300 per night, ranging to US$1500) for coffee. It is magnificent, but not quite our style (what a surprise you say).
Another lake
We even got tissues and matches (which the waiter explained to us) with our coffee. Back in Bariloche, we went for a walk. Along the way I have been looking for a wine guide on Argentinean wine but have only been able to find ones with comments but no ratings or comparisons. Must be a gap in the market here. The number of chocolate shops here needs to be seen to be believed and is a real chicks wet dream. Kat was very well behaved and didn’t get any tantrums in the shops. Maybe because we got free chocolate when we rented the car. Also, I think we have reached the end of the English region. Our entire negotiation on the car hire was in Spanish….. Anyway we will survive as Kat knows the following: Fumadore, por favor!!! We have noticed quite a few SA rugby jerseys around too. Always a good sign. But there are a couple of other cultural copies too: wooden giraffes and Russian nesting dolls (Matroschka). I think we have found a “local” called Cocodrilos (with a picture of a crocodile). The food was great and awesome value. Kat had butternut soup, I had a pizza and we had a bottle of wine and that cost us AR$49 which is about £9. Superb.
matthias says:
Pretty cool to see, that you guys went to Southpatagonia and spot the glaciers i read about two weeks ago. Hmmm... am I envious.....YES I AM.... !!!####!!!
Now I am sure, that at least Lisa is enjoying it much more, ´cause she knows no ;)

By the way, did i told you, that you visit the region on earth, where the oldest glacial forms can be found. from this place, science can look back to the Pleistocene glacial history. It´s amazing ;)

Wish you all the best and enjoy your unique journey. matthias
Posted on: May 05, 2006
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To prove we were up at sunrise
To prove we were up at sunrise
Nice fake rocks. They look almost …
Nice fake rocks. They look almost…
Another lake
Another lake
Lakes around Llao Llao - interesti…
Lakes around Llao Llao - interest…
If you look closely you can see a …
If you look closely you can see a…
Realy looking forward to a tango
Realy looking forward to a tango
I hope it is cool, blonde and not …
I hope it is cool, blonde and not…
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