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Magnificent birds at Cruz del Condor

Another early-ish start set us on the path to Cruz del Condor (condor cross) to see some live condor action. They nest in the area as the cliff are virtually inaccessible to other creatures and spend the morning soaring on the thermals created by the valley. They are an inspiring sight. Such huge birds, so graceful and the soar so close overhead. The viewing area is crowded with tourists and women in colourful traditional dress selling blankets, finger puppets, colourful traditional hats and other wares.


We tried another small, sour, green fruit whose name escapes me which was tasty by not something I would chase after again.


Re-boarding the bus to continue to Chivay (for another 1.

A real showman
5 hours) proved a bit of a challenge as we did not have booked seats and clearly there were a number of other locals and tourists who had the same idea as us. We ended up 2 seats short. Olivia stood and chatted with a couple of guides from other tour groups and I took the first shift. It is not too bad if you know it is only for half an hour.


Chivay is known for its hot springs so we made our way there to further soothe the muscles. It is welcome for a bit, but at 38 degrees, in the bright sunshine, it is a bit much after not too long. Time for lunch.


We took a local bus back again. Same story of people in the aisles etc. I think that taking a local bus is well worthwhile as you get to see a bit of the way the local people live and travel.

If you just travel on the luxury long distance buses you don’t get a feel for the reality of life and it is a humbling experience. The local bus from Arequipa to Chivay costs about 13 Soles (£2) for a 3-4 hour journey. Extremely good value, and it gives you an idea of how cheaply you can travel around Peru if you want to.


After finally managing to find a new lens cap (which I had managed to lose while getting onto my mule on the second day) we went for a bite at a spot looking out onto the superb plaza in Arequipa. A very nice restaurant where they specialise in food cooked on hot rocks. Nicely served on the odd shaped rocks too. Our meal came with a selection of traditional local vegetables (mostly tubers and other root vegetables) which he explained to us, but the names would be lost in translation (that is my excuse anyway).


We had stored our stuff at the B&B where we had stayed, Casa de Tintin, and made our way back there. It is a nice little spot out of the chaos of the city centre (15 minutes walk) and looks out onto the Chilli river and the bridge designed by Gustav Eiffel.
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Magnificent birds at Cruz del Cond…
Magnificent birds at Cruz del Con…
A real showman
A real showman
photo by: Riz7