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In true Anthony & Kat style we left a lot of things to the very last minute. Our furniture move was arranged a week before leaving. Travel insurance, the same. Vaccinations – we were ahead of ourselves and managed most of this 2 weeks ahead with the final yellow fever injection two days before leaving.


The way we planned it was (as we left on Wed 26th)

·        Get the boxes to pack our stuff on Thursday (little bit of packing)

·        Finish work and have the farewell party on Friday (not much packing)

·        Saturday - recovery and some packing

·        Sunday – some packing then lunch with Bryan, Anta and their new addition, Caitlyn (who is beautiful and very well behaved)

·        Monday – wrap up the packing and finalise the paperwork

·        Tuesday – get the stuff collected for shipping.


A few things that we had not thought of

·        How much we would have when we had finished packing (25 boxes)

·        Paperwork always takes more time than expected and there are some really random customs forms which require 2 witnesses to sign too!

·        Some things just always take more time than expected to do (disconnecting and packing hi-fi stuff and then reconnecting the owner’s existing hi-fi which we had not been using.

·        There are always a thousand other tasks which need to be sorted at the same time

·        Wrapping up work on the Friday was the idea, but as always there are lots of loose ends when going away for 2 months in the middle of a few long term projects

·        To send the stuff on Tuesday means we have to finish on Monday as they don’t give you a timeslot until you phone in on the day and it could be any time from 8am.


Anyway, had a great farewell bash. Not very well organised by me, but had a really good turnout (over 50 I suspect). Kat met up with her work mates in Clapham South, usual spot and Anthony was in London Bridge. Of course it was excellent to have a great turnout of work friends, and in addition a number of other mates like the Nireys, Nicki, Wilki, Jonny Mallet, Bryan etc.


Packing is never my favourite activity, but at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel – going on holiday and then back off to Cape Town.


Finally once all was packed and done, we just had to get to the airport (and I had one last conference call, during which my cell phone contract got terminated). We really looked like donkeys with all our stuff. One rucksack each, one small satchel each, camera bag, computer bag and finally the 1 bag each (plus a packet with last minute stuff) that we left in London for taking back to CT and Germany respectively. 8 items. 2 people. Not fun. By the way, I (Katharina) think Anthony looks better as a donkey.


In the process I think that we each only lost our tempers once. Kat for the quality of medical care in the UK relating to vaccinations, and me for the movers not arriving when they said they would. All in all, much better than


But it is over. We got to the airport well in time and settled into the lounge to sip on a couple of beers pre flight.


As the flight goes via Sao Paolo in Brazil as the first stop, the majority of the plane was taken up by kids. Anyone been near a tour group of Brazilian schoolkids? They were actually remarkably well behaved.

bramwan says:
Check out the travel summary snapperhead. Arrive in BA on 27 April. 2 weeks. Aaarrrgggghhhhhh.
Posted on: Apr 12, 2006
Rassie says:
when you leaving clown?
Posted on: Apr 11, 2006
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