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Inside the Pyramide du Louvre

My wife and I recently spent Easter weekend in Paris, something I highly recommend if the opportunity ever comes up. Desperate for a break from Londons oh-so-endearingly soggy weather, we caught the Eurostar across the pond for a spot of french culture (no, not cheese... well, not just cheese anyway) . After several hairy flights on Eastern European airlines, train travel is fast becoming my preferred means of transport and has to be the most civilized way to travel to the mainland.


2 hours on a comfortable train and you’re in Gare du Nord in the heart of gay Paree.


Of course, being such a keen traveller I wanted to explore the city on foot, so rather than catch a simple overpriced taxi I made us lug our bags to the hotel, which after we got off the wrong Metro stop was only several kilometres walk. We finally dragged ourselves into the very nice marble foyer of our hotel; sweaty, slightly on the nose and carrying our huge backpacks. Snooty does not begin to describe the look I got.


On the first day we walked to the Eiffel Tower -  Trust me, if you have two legs (and have dumped the backpack, of course) and are in Paris, just walk! It's an incredibly scenic city, and never more so than wandering lost through the side streets. The tower was actually a very imposing structure, pictures I'd seen don't come close to doing it justice. It's less beautiful than impressive, yet more romantic than several million tonnes of steel girders has a right to be. 


There were three lines to ascend the tower, so we promptly joined the shortest. After 45 mins and an ice-cream (Mels idea) we got to the front of the queue and found out why it was the shortest: The other two were for the lifts, this one was only for the stairs.


Couple of quick facts:


Total Height: 1,063 feet

Total steps: 9 steps to the ticket booth at the base, 328 steps to the first level, 340 steps to the second level, and 18 steps to the lift platform on the second level.

Shagged: You bet


But, doing the tower at sunset is pretty incredible and well worth the wait and the pain!


We did most of the touristy things like the Louvre, MontMartre, the Pompidou Centre (dinner at sunset overlooking Notre Dame in Georges restaurant is stunning) the Eiffel Tower etc. I had a chance to practice my French (which came with free tetanus shots it was so rusty) and found out that the French aren’t nearly as rude and arrogant as they’re made out to be. When I asked one guy for directions in my flawless French accent, he replied with a grin “Of course. It’s over zere…. Mate”


All up, an incredible place and we’re going to try and fit in another weekend there before too long.

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Inside the Pyramide du Louvre
Inside the Pyramide du Louvre
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photo by: Sweetski