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Celica Hostel - former prison

Coming from Sarajevo, the plane landed in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I got off quickly, and tried to get on the local bus. But I just missed it, so I ended up taking the airport shuttle. I got on it, and had to wait until it was filled up. Once that happened, then the airport shuttle finally took off.

Along the way, I did see some nice scenery, reminding me more of Austria than either Croatia or Bosnia, despite the fact that Slovenia was once part of Yugoslavia. But it started to get dark, and the ride took a while, as the shuttle bus was dropping other people off at their hotel. By the time I got off, it was completely dark.

I got off at the train station, and went to the tourist center inside the station.

hallway in hostel
I asked for directions to the Celica Hostel, and got a map. Then walked out, trying to find it. I had a little trouble finding it, until someone pointed the way for me. I was able to find it, and went inside. 

I had to wait to check-in, as it felt like forever, for other people to check-in. I made 2 separate reservations for 2 different room types, since one of them was full for one of the nights, and I did not want to change hostels. I went to the room, which was the one with 3 beds, and got the top bed. 

Getting there would be a pain, as I had to use a ladder, with the bottom at the end of the other 2 beds. In other words, to go up and down, you may have to step onto the bed with people sleeping in them. Going up, it somehow caused a cut on my finger, which was bleeding. It did not hurt, but it was a bit messy.
room with the prison gate closed
 Then I looked around the hostel, as this used to be a prison. More about the place in the review here.

Afterwards, I went out, to the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, which was only a few buildings away. Finding the entrance was a little tricky, as I would be going around the square, checking each door. I did not see any sign pointing to the entrance, but only figured out where when I tried to enter through a restaurant.

I got to the entrance, and went in with only 45 minutes. Ended up going in for free. I started on the 2nd level, then the 3rd level, zipping through all of them. Then the 1st level, which was a temporary exhibition on the tropical rainforests. 

The other 2 levels were permanent exhibitions, basically being about Slovenian folk culture, with costumes and various objects on display. And another being about other parts of the world. A lot to see, and looked a lot more interesting than the one in Croatia. Too bad that I did not have enough time to see this place, so no review.

Leaving, I went to the market, to get something to eat. Then to the hostel, where I ate at the kitchen table on the top floor. Then had to do laundry, and bought a token from the front desk, to use the washing machine. Then got my clothes and washed them. I waited around, until it was time to put them in the dryer. 

I kept checking the dryer, as I was not sure how it worked. And I had a girl who kept bugging me if I was done. The dryer did not seem to work properly, and I took my clothes out and ended up hanging them in the room to dry.

Feeling sick, I decided to go to bed early. Hope the rest would help.

monkeymia79 says:
I love the idea of staying in a former prison. Will be checking out the review.
Posted on: Mar 25, 2016
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Celica Hostel - former prison
Celica Hostel - former prison
hallway in hostel
hallway in hostel
room with the prison gate closed
room with the prison gate closed
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photo by: Chokk