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Sarajevo at night

The bus ride took about 2.5 hours, as I slept most of the way there. I woke up when nearby. Looking out, it was foggy and a bit rundown. Well, something told me, that I was in for a surprise.

The bus arrived, as the driver told me that this was the place. I got off, and asked for directions to the city center, and tried to get a map. Only they don't have one. Then walked to the train station, which was nearby, and where the tram stop was.  I hopped on the tram, and rode into the city, going along the Miljacka River. I got off at the 5th stop, and had no idea where to go. Walked around for a bit, completely confused and unprepared. The guidebook that I was carrying, had no information on Sarajevo. And I was too cheap to buy a Lonely Planet guidebook, so I just printed only the list of attractions from Wikitravel. But that did not help at all, with getting where I need to go.

I stopped by a few places to ask where the street that the hostel was located on. But without a map, it was not really helpful, and even ran into one guy who was being a smartass. It was not until I stopped by a hotel, when I finally got a map, and was told where to go. After that, I headed that way, and eventually found the Hostel Ljubicica. More about it in the review here. And I would have another problem... the owner had stepped out, as I saw the "Be Back in 15 minutes" sign. 

Needless to say, I was not happy. Tried to walk around for a bit, but just could not get my mind off the fact that I could not check in. Eventually, the owner did come, and we went through the whole process. Then she offered me a breath mint, which meant, she smelled my bad breath, mainly from the onions from my lunch back in Mostar.

The owner gave me a ride to the dorms, located somewhere else. When getting in the car, she drove in reverse in heavy traffic, which was completely nuts. But also understood that she did not want to go around the block, which was long and chaotic. We arrived at the dorms, and to the room, where I met Sally, who is from Australia. She has been traveling around Europe for months now. 

After getting settled, I would go with Sally, to a restaurant for some dinner. We walked around Old Town for a little while, trying to find a place. Then we did find one, which was dark and not much lighting inside. But the food was really good, at cheap prices. I could not even finish mine, which I had to have wrapped up. It was fun hanging out, and talking.

Afterwards, we went back to the hostel, as we would have to go up and down the hill, to get between the hostel and city center. Then met with another guy at the hostel, from Japan. He traveled all the way from Japan without flying at all.

And problems with the bathroom, with the shower clogged, among other things. I just took care of some things, then went to sleep. 

monkeymia79 says:
What an awful experience on arrival, I'm glad you got there safely and got checked in.
Posted on: Mar 22, 2016
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Sarajevo at night
Sarajevo at night
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