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Three dives today: Grampin, Tunel Reef and Chairel Shipwreck.

Grampin was a reef dive with a maximum depth of ~60 feet. There were tons of fish, in big schools and smaller groups. We saw angelfish, barracuda (these seem to be everywhere in the waters around Isla), trunk fish, and damselfish. We saw a couple of rays! They look so cool gliding underwater. One of the rays came to rest on the bottom, then started lifting up and smacking back down. I have no idea what that was about. It was neat to watch (from a respectful distance)! We also saw a nurse shark, and many very nice coral formations.

On the second dive, we saw many of the same types of fish, but also a pufferfish (Fugu, I think). One of the safety divers corralled it (gently!) so that it would puff up. So cool! Max depth was 50 ft. on this one, about 45 minutes bottom time. Pretty solid.

After a good surface interval, I went on a third dive in the afternoon with a smaller group. This was a wreck dive, and had a max depth of 75 feet! There was only the wheelhouse of the vessel visible. I don't know whether the rest is buried or is simply not there. AMAZING! Very intense. The fish were *huge*. Barracuda, and some snapper. The peacefulness and the pressure and the extreme sense of separation from the rest of the world were marvelous. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do more dives like that one.

Man, am I glad I stayed! I felt much more comfortable diving after having to do it without an instructor keeping an eye on me. Practice practice! I had a really great dive partner for the first two dives. Allison has been diving 9 years, and she was super about pointing things out. Plus she was just a damn cool person. I got to see a lot more wildlife on these dives than in the previous two days, too. And my love for scuba was cemented. Can't wait for my next dive opportunity!
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Isla Mujeres
photo by: Shunya