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  Delphi is a small  town basically three streets that seems to be hanging off a cliff,  we can see for miles out of our hotel balcony, it’s a little on the commercial side hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops, but very nice  we would like to spend  a couple of days here, maybe next time.  This go around we got up at 6am again rushed thru breakfast. Got on the bus and drove a couple hundred yards and stopped at a souvenir shop that specialized in olive products, it would have been nice to spend that time doing something else like  sleeping or enjoying breakfast.  After that we arrived at the object of our trip the Delphi museum and archeological site, not a lot left here either but then again the place is almost 4000 years old.  We both marveled at the statues and artwork at the museum, and enjoyed a walk thru the ruins ,  that included a hike up a steep mountain to see an old stadium,  all and all we spent a very enjoyable three hours there. After lunch at a restaurant chosen for us by the tour our bus then took us to a hotel, to wait for a bus back to Athens.  We sat there for two and a half hours I guess that they wanted to make sure that we had enough time to visit the very expensive jewelry shop in the lobby. Finally we were picked up and headed back, drove fifteen minutes and stopped at you  guessed it readers  a souvenir shop, were we sat for thirty minutes after all its important that we have enough time to buy those trinkets.  Another hour drive and we stopped again this time at another restaurant that our tour company was nice enough to select for us.   We were charged 10.50 euros ($15.00) for a donut a cookie a bottle of water and a coke; it was a good donut but not that good. Finally we headed home and got back here at 7:30 pm Out of a 13 hour day we spent three hours at the place that we paid to see. Four hours traveling and five hours waiting and been sold overpriced trinkets.  The sites were great we were glad that we visited them and the country is very beautiful, we don’t have any complains there. But we paid good money for this tout to see archeological sites and the country side, not to be led like sheep to be sheared.


sylviandavid says:
Amen... I agree... it's so annoying to go to souvenir shops and not go to the sites and sights. We started just going to a coffee shop nearby where we knew the operator didn't get a kickback... and then let everyone know about the coffee... they lost money on us for sure.
Posted on: Feb 22, 2011
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