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After 94 days Darcy decided to do her hair

After spending four nights back in Salou, it was time to leave Spain.  Our next destination was Savona Italy, after looking at all our options; we decided that a long distance bus was the best way to get there. The bus that picked us up in Salou was very crowded.  Later we found out that we had to change buses in Barcelona. That was chaos we had to stand in a long line to find out where the next bus would be.  We were one of the first to get on the bus; we had a choice of seats.  This bus was also crowded with a very wide assortment of people, it reminded us of the bar scene in star wars.  We were moving along until we crossed the border from Spain into France.  We were stopped at the customs check, police came on to check our passports, everything went smooth except for all but two, a girl in her early 20’s and an older man were escorted from the bus.  A few hours later after driving thru a toll, we were pulled over and boarded by the border police, they removed two males, detained them by the side of the bus and searched them and their luggage, eventually they were permitted to board the bus.  On the way out of a rest stop one of our bus driver’s (there were 2) started a verbal altercation with a diver from another company that we thought was going to end in blows.  To say the least we had a very lively night with little sleep.  The 17 hour trip (yuck!) turned into 19 ½ hour’s getting us into Savona 8AM instead of 5:38 AM, which ended up being much better for us, since we did not cherish the thought of being dropped off in a small town in Italy at 5:30 on a cold windy day.    We don’t think  that we would attempt  a long bus trip like this again, but now that it’s over we are kind of glad that we did it, it was a very interesting experience, we got to see how real people live here, and something that most tourist don’t do. (We were the only Americans on the bus) and it did get us where we wanted to be when we wanted to get here.

maureenart says:
Hello..I am looking for a women to go on a cruise to Europe in 2010. I want to take a discounted 12 to 14 night cruise from the USA to any where in Europe but my most desirable destination is probably to Italy. I will be going to my house in Bulgaria after that. I can get a cruise on a 4 or even 5 star ship for about $550.00. If you are interested let me know.
I have wanted to do this but I never have found a travel partner. The cruise ships will want to charge me double I I take single occupancy.
I am non smoking, don't drink much at all, pretty quiet but LOVE to meet people and I will do some writing on this trip. Email me at
if you are interested.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2009
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After 94 days Darcy decided to do …
After 94 days Darcy decided to do…
photo by: GRANADOS