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Today is going to be such a fun day!  Today is Lions Park Day and I plan on spending as much time as I can in the park just enjoying the animals.  It was only about a 30 minute drive to the park and it was super simple to find, even with me driving on the wrong side of the road and the car! The admission fee was $80 RAND, which wasn’t too bad considering what they offered (for those who don’t know the conversion rate, it was about $11.50 USD.  It was a drive through park and you use your own car.  The only fixed rule was DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR! Of course they did say don’t roll down you windows also, but how are you to take good pictures.. hehehehehe. Anyway, I spent about 5 hours at the park driving around and taking pictures.  The park had Antelope, Water Buffalo, Hyena, Lions (normal and white), cheetah, giraffe and zebra.

  I took almost 300 pictures in the park.  Will not know how good (or bad) they are until I get them downloaded onto the computer.  The highlight though was all the lion cubs.  When I first drove into the lion camp (as they called it) I was met by a pride of while lion. There was one male, two females and 4 cubs. WOW, baby white lions playing out in the open.. it was incredible.  Then there was a drive through 4 separate lion camps with lots of lion to look at a photograph.  At one point I was parked between two groups of lions.  There was a single male on my left that I was photographing, then on my right was 4 females and another male. I don’t know if the one male liked me being there but he got up and starred heading straight for my car.
  I just watching him as he walk towards me, around the back, bumping the back end of the car the moving to join the rest of the group.  That was so exciting!

I also have the opportunity to get into the baby lion pen and pet some of the babies.  Not at good as my experience in Mebane back in Carolina, but man, sitting in a pen with wild born and bread animals… it was just an incredible experience.

Something I have noticed about South Africa, everyone is friendly!  People here me talk and it immediately starts a conversation. Everyone knows when they hear my voice that I am from America. This is just fine with me because I love talking with the people of this country.  

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