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Boston from the harbour

Whilst we were in Boston, we were fortunate enough to visit Chowderfest. This is basically a one day competition, where Boston's resturants battle it out, to have their clam chowder named the best. Once a resturant has won the competition three times, they are no longer allowed to take part.

This year there were fourteen resturants competing and the crew of the SS WASP.

For our $10 entrance fee we were allowed to sample as many and as much chowder or chowdah as the Bostonians call it as we liked. (You get free crackers, plus there are loads of other freebies to be had, pen-pots, bottled water ect).

We were both stuffed as badgers in no time, but of course you needed to keep trying your favorite chowder just to make sure!

We quickly decided that Ned Devine's Irish bar had the best Chowder.

Chowderfest, the best advert a clam could get.
Unfortunately a lot of other ppl liked Ned's chowder to, so the queue was long, and it wasn't long before they ran out chowder.

We also liked Christopher's Chowder, no sure why though. It might have been the fennel in it, or some other magic ingredient. Obviously the recipes are all closely guarded secrets!

Anyways we cast our vote for Neds, and checked the results on the internet later that day.

Christopher's Chowder won first place, which was impressive as it is the 1st year that they have entered.

Ned Devine's came 2nd place, but they had already won in 2003 and 2004. (So if they had won again they would have been out of the competition)

Skippers came 3rd. We had mixed feelings about this one. Simon liked it, I didn't!  I would have liked Fireplace to take 3rd place and theirs was all nice and baconey.

I know the photos make it look like a boot-sale in the BOC car-park, but honestly it was a really enjoyable and filling day out. It really emphasized how many different clam chowders there are out there. Some are thick and creamy and have lots of nice bits in and others are completely different. You won't believe me 'til you try them, so I recommend you all get yourselves down to Chowderfest 2008. Who knows Ned's might win it again next year!

I have added a photo of Symex Ted enjoying the winning Chowder from Christophers. I always knew that bear had great taste!

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I know it looks like i'm force-feeding him, but he *loves* it really.

Here we are, the end of the first destination of our trip, and the first blog i've ever writen. Boston was a really nice city, really friendly people, although i've not got the hang of the accent yet. Bit like New York, everything sounds aggressive even if their offering help, and a single word could be a statement, a warning, or a question?

Still, having a great time, not done a lot yet, just finding our feet. Mainly been chilling out in parks and doing anything that's free. (Boston is a bit on the expensive side for accomadation.) We went to the New England aquarium which had a big salt water tank which was 3 stories tall runnig up the center of the building. (expect lots of half fish photos when caz sorts them out). Note from Editor, cheeky!

We went to chowderfest today, a local compatition to see which resteraunt makes the best clam chowder. 10 teams compeat, you pay $10 entry and eat as much clam chowder as you want. At the end everyone votes for the best. (I was stuffed as a badger)

Off to buffalo now, home of the famous chicken wings, gonna be fat again soon.

love and hugs, si.


Boston from the harbour
Boston from the harbour
Chowderfest, the best advert a cla…
Chowderfest, the best advert a cl…
I know it looks like im force-fee…
I know it looks like i'm force-fe…
surprise around each corner
surprise around each corner
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