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Well… we got on the plane, took off, landed in Johannesburg 15.5 hours later.. tired.. weary from the travel.  The saga continues.

All our luggage arrived however, one of our team was not allowed through customs because she required a visa to enter the country.  So, she had to purchase a new ticket and fly directly to Swaziland directly.  It is a shame that we all could not fly together, but she actually made it to Swaziland before we did.

Now comes our story…  We get our baggage, we get through customs, the bus arrives to pick us up.. and we start off for the 4 hour drive to the border.  Knowing we did not have a lot of time the bus driving made a bee line to the border.   7 miles short of the border the bus ran out of gas… Aghhhhhh… so a new bus was called from the border to come pick us up…. About 15 minutes later the bus arrived, we transferred all the luggage and off we went. We arrived at the border station at 10:10 PM… it closed at 10:00!  The guard was not interested in our plight or situation… so we were not allowed to enter Swaziland.  Ok… so here we are 10 o’clock at night and there is NOTHING around the border crossing.. no food, no hotels, nothing…. So back we get on the road for another hours ride to a place called Badplaas (which means Hot Place).  This is a place of natural hot springs and a hotel.  They had rooms for all of us and there is where we spent the night.

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