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Swaziland, South Africa
Slightly smaller than New Jersey, with a population of just over 1 million, Swaziland recently made world headlines.

This past year, the tiny south African country passed Botswana as having the world's highest known rates of HIV/AIDS. In fact, it is estimated that an astounding 38.8% of the country's adults are living with this incurable, devastating disease.

The sprawling slums around Swaziland's capital city, Mbabane, are home to thousands of AIDS orphans. Not only have these children watched their parents die in agony, but they have had to give up their dreams of growing up like "normal" children.

But today, orphans in Mbabane have the opportunity to dream again. Mission of Mercy and Children's Cup, a Christian ministry, are working together to provide these children with the opportunities they deserve.

At Care Point Centers around Mbabane, orphans from preschool through age 18 are provided a program designed to help them defeat poverty and reach their full potential in Christ.

The program includes:
  • Tutoring and homework help for those attending school

  • Literacy and math classes for children not attending school

  • Training in a marketable vocation

  • Nutritious meals

  • Medical check-ups and assistance as needed

  • Health and hygiene training

  • Christian education and the opportunity to accept Christ

  • Regular parenting-skills training for the children's caregivers
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AIDS and poverty: destroying young lives in Swaziland!
  • 66% of the orphans in Swaziland are AIDS orphans: 63,000 of them.
  • 15,000 Swazi children are HIV-positive themselves.

  • In African society, AIDS orphans are stigmatized by their associations with a disease which reflects fear and shame•they are often denied education, health care, and public assistance.

  • In addition to the world's highest AIDS rate, Swaziland is also experiencing one of the country's worst food shortages•this year delayed rainfall, heavy winds, and hail storms have predicted the worst food crisis in Swaziland's history.

  • According to Swaziland Judge Quinsille Mabuza, because of the African folk-legend that AIDS can be cured by intimacy with a virgin, "The crime of rape has become so prevalent that there is no week where there are not reports of it in the press." Young girls raped by HIV-positive men generally develop the virus as well.

One Story...

AT 10, HE'S THE HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD. His brothers are seven and four. This eight-year old sister is a target for molestation by local drunkards. Both parents died of AIDS. They urgently need care! We can provide it, through the amazing new Mercy Center project we've already started in Swaziland.

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