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I arrived in Rio Monday morning after a very long day and a half. I flew from SLC to Atlanta, had a 10 hour layover in Atlanta, and then flew to Rio. I took a cab to my friend's place in Copacabana. I am going to be staying with my friend for a week doing some rock climbing around Rio and then I will be traveling on my own for the rest of my trip.
Monday was very cloudy, I was a bit bummed about that. I went to the beach in the afternoon and read in the sad and then went back a had a great dinner. At that point I was just so tired but also very glad to finally be there. Before I left everyone kept telling me how crazy I was to be going to Rio by myself and it kinda started to freak me out a bit. But now that I am here I am so glad I'm by myself. I think I would have had a completely different experience if I was with other people. I want to totally seperate myself from my life back home and just experience life here in another country. I am looking for a big learning experience. Being away from home changes you, whether you are with other people or not. Whenever I leave the states I never want to go back. Being alone can be hard at times though. I don't excatly feel comfortable going out and getting wasted in Rio by myself. Meeting people is easy though.
I am wishing that I had the time/money to go to Argentina but unfortuntally I have to get back to school and the "real world" back home in the States. I want nothing more than to pack up and travel the whole world. I think I would miss my dog too much though. Someday it will happen...
Anyways later this week we're going to climb Sugarloaf.
On Tuesday I went hangliding! Everyone should go hangliding at least once in their life time, it really is like flying. I had a bird's eye view of Rio and we landed on the beach, it was amazing! Then in the evening I went and saw live samba and went dancing. A fabulous first few days!
The Live Earth Concerts are this Saturday July 7th and the one in South America is on Copacabana Beach and it's the only Live Earth that's completely free and open to the pulic. So, I'm pretty happy about that, less money to spend!
Next week I will be going to an island called Ilha Grande where I've heard there are some of the best beaches, and there are no cars allowed there! Ilha Grande is now a wildlife preserve and is supposed to be great for backpacking. So this is the beginning of my adventure!
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