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Everything starts with the people you meet, my good fortune I met a family living in the center of Saint Petersburg. He is a photographer, she a mom who also runs an online business. They have beautiful children. Their place with the high ceilings was coverted from a studio apartment to a loft. The family all sleep upstairs and the bottom is a makeshift family room and work area. Raising children is not easy but on the bright side, when the place is so small the children realize compromise early, the place is small so mom always knows where the kids are without worry. Truly blessed family to be so lovely. It really isn’t money that makes happiness but what you create with what you have.

I am writing this on the ferry Saint Petersburg to Helsinki, had a Finish girl there but she is in Italy until Nov.

12th. It is Nov. 3rdnow and time is so stretched I can’t wait. Had a girl willing to come from Moscow to visit me if only next weekend, I just can’t get away with another day. I must fly back to the US as soon as possible. ASAP being that I go to Netherlands (another girl) and Belgium (girl maybe and friends). I lapse too much, I do like women though and stroking the ego when depressed about returning early to the US helps abit. Celebrate Amsterdam maybe with my first prostitute!! Na, but fun to think. Anywho FERRY!!! Ferry to St. Petersburg you get a free, FREE 72 hour visa. Isn’t that nice!

And as lovely as Riga is with the Art Nuevo, there isn’t a street in St.

Petersburg you can walk down that isn’t right with giant buildings all dating from 1870-1915. There really isn’t. Unfortunate the insides have all been gutted and small studios stand where once grandiose apartments overlooked the busy life of the cultural capitol.   But you got all kinds of goodies: Russian Museum of Art, Hermitage Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Palaces, more Red heads (stop before lapsing but…) I love art and there is no such handicapped discount but did I teeter…No I paid the enterance and was happy to wait in line. First time for this but my god worth it. I really Really  REALLY don’t like renaissance art- the coloring, composition, mechanism and the full on art by and for money is just bullshit but a walk through the Russian and Hermitage… didn’t change a thing.
Actually I took more pics of 16thC shit than I ever did but I still wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for the splendid impressionist and post impressionist art.  Killer art!!! So happy, I was drunk on beauty and spent the btter of 3 to 5 hours in each. The rest of the time I just walked and walked and looked up and in and left with the impression that St Petersburg be one of the world heritage sites.  Lastly there is a Basillica in the square where one of the czars was shot and killed eons ago. This basilica has not only the photo friendly colored balls but the whole of the inside is mosaic. Mosiac is small ¼” squares creating pictures through color. The whole basilica is covered in gold leaf mosaic tiles,  it must be the most beautiful thing 99% of  people who have ever seen St. Petersburg  will ever see in their lifetime. Enjoy the photos.

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