Riga Latvia (cool) and Tallinn Estonia (ho hum)

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Riga, Latvia

Loved it!! Loved the art Nuevo architecture. Going north into the Baltic states you see much more red heads!! Oh my soul for a redhead. I have had the honor and I to all men- if you must love let it be with a red head. There is no greater kindness god gives man. That said, going north into the Baltics the cities weren’t demolished by the war. Riga is said to be the Paris of the Baltics! It is lovely. Channels break into the city, parks are the largest in Europe (fact?). The Art Nuevo museum is out of this world as is the Latvia Art Museum- they produced some awesome works of art while Latvia was  independent in the early 1900’s- 40’s.  Other than looking up the whole time at the buildings or in the museums there isn’t much to do, I left after 3 days and hitching again must be seasonal.

Over and over license plates EST (Estonia) passed, sweet cars rarely pick up a hitch hiker. I understand the fear but obviously with a backpack there shouldn’t be such but it is what it is so I walked. In one stretch, small town to the border I walked 15kms., all said probably put in 25kms. or more. 

Tallin, Estonia

The sleeve on my prosthetic is starting to have little holes, I applied glue to cover the nylon outer shell but all good things must come to an end. I guess it is good that this travel will be done sooner than I hoped. With nearly no light, I was thinking I would spend the night in the restaurant  and talk to drivers in the direction of Tallinn but 20m from the actual border a van pulls up. 300lbs of heavenly joy steps out, a big ole Harley Davidson dealer in Tallinn.

Oh my joy! No English, me no Estonian or Russian but we communicate, he drove to Riga in the morning to pick up two bikes. We are both exhausted so we stop at every biker bar for the next 200kms. to have a coffee. All good people. He shows me the city by night driving around and deposits me in the old town. A big ole bear hug from the 190cms Nemo and we say good bye. I go to the hostel, we go out. French girls are there, but then some other girls show up and I become distracted- losing both is how the hostel love falls- sometimes you win and sometimes natta. Cest la vie. The city of Tallinn, I walked the whole thing and rewalked the whole thing and rewalked…shrug, hmmm. Shrug again. It does have an old town and a bunch of shit private museums. Shrug. Took the ferry to St. Petersburg here!! That was good, waited to the last day to buy my ticket at the counter instead of online and saved 30% about 58 euros!!

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photo by: sarahthevegasbride