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Rented bikes again and cykled to the Temple of Heaven.

Found a kalligrafi shop there and spent way too much money. Cecilie bought four kalligrafies, Anette bought two and mIriam bought a kalligrafi and an oil painting..... Not good, but very beautiful.

Halfway through the temple area Miriam remembered that she had forgotten to lock her bike. Hmm, we decided to hope for the best and finish the tour. So we finally got to the front gate and what do you know: the bike was gone. Brilliant. Not very optimistic we started looking around the bicycle parking when suddenly we saw one that had the same loose thing on the gear which Miriam's had had but it was locked and had a paper bag in the basket. Very upset we pointed at the bike to the guard who answered with a big smile and pulled out the key.

It turned out that he had just been taking care of it for us. But why did he move it? Never mind, we were just happy we had found it.

Had to hurry back to meet Oyvind and have a birthday dinner with him at a restaurant and one the way home stopped at the tiniest, coolest bar ever! Reggae music, Jamaican flags and writings on the wall and of course some guys rolling a joint on the other table. (there were only two) We had the best time taking to the others and the guy and girl working there. And hey, when everything to drink costs 10 RMB it's all good. Think some of us managed to get a little bit tipsy...

Around midnight we went to Mao, another place, where we met some Norwegian students and continued drinking

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people from the Yi province
people from the Yi province
photo by: Deats