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Took the bus from Kyong gju to yeong gwang, saying good bye to andrew at the bus station. Poor guy had gotten up really early to return the camera we unknowingly stole last night so he hadn't gotten much sleep that night and now he could barely keep his eyes up. But he stayed as long as he could and it was really good to just sit there talking and laughing. (he's just the funniest guy...) It was really sad saying good bye but in the end we had to part ways. We've already decided to come back in May, though, and stay for a month. Yeay!!! Got to Master CY around 10 pm but like always, he and his guys were still there. He hadn't ordered the drum yet but said we'd call the drum shop or whatever the next morning and invited us to stay at his place for the night. Like usual we didn't see him anymore that night and when we got up around 9 am he'd left long ago. At the school he and anette agreed that it would be easier if she bought it in May and brought it with her home then, instead of shipping it now. Problem solved! and he seemed very pleased to see us again in May. Left Yeoung gwang once more but this time he actually gave us a hug!

Just made the 11 am bus directly to Seoul and took the subway closer to Incheon harbour. Anette had checked the ferries and was convinced that our ferry left from port nr 1 at 7 pm. So we get in a cab, drive past port number 2 and get to port number  one where we're told that, no, our ferry leaves from port 2. Stoopid! :) Get in another cab and rush to nr 2. Get there at  exactly 6 pm but are told that chek in has closed. Gaaarrrrrr!!!!! get a little pissed and just stand there muttering and sighing when the ladies at the counter tell us to wait and typetypetype at the computer. "Passports please" and suddenly we hve the tickets. Brilliant!!! A guy rushes us up some stairs, lovely workout, where a lady gives our bags  a quick check before we have to run down again, get a guy to check our passports and behold! we get a whole bus all to ourselves, driving us to the ferry! Aren't they just the sweetest people! And we the luckiest! Lovelypovely, on our way to China. Business class from the get go this time....

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yeong gwang
photo by: cecilie_noto