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Yes! We barely made our flight from Delhi to Saigon but here we are! The plane took of about 11 pm (as  scheduled!!!) but New years Eve went by rather quietly. I was fast asleep when Anette woke me up to tell me that it's midnight, but I have to admit I mostly got annoyed about her waking me... We had a little new years drink in Saigon the next night :)  And we've met up with some friends from home (Anette's boyfriend is one of them so she's all happyhappy joyjoy.) One of our friends, Tri, is born in Vietnam in a little town a couple of hours outside Saigon. So we've been staying at his parents house there for 3 days meeting friends and family and drinking a lot of beer, eating snake, mouse, frog and dog and singing a lot of karaoke; Good times, good times. Now we're back in Saigon and will be for a few days maybe before heading north. Anette and I are on a pretty tight budgett now so we're trying to live simple.

Oh, and the craziest story of all! On the very first night in Saigon we're out having dinner at some little restaurant by the street and what do you know, who else walks by than Eyvind, the guy we met in China!!! On our very first day there too, come to think of it... Of all the streets in Saigon... So we had a few beers with him but the next day we were going to Tri's village so had to say good bye again. it was just the strangest thing :)   

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