Going to Qingdao to get a train to Xi'an

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So, back in China. but whatever fooor? Oh how we miss korea where they don't hark up slimy spitballs ( yes, this is called Englishnorwegian) and spit ANYWHERE, even on the train floor!! Korea, where they've actually heard of the concepts of indoor voice and outdoor voice. Chinese just yell all the time! And I feel kind of bad writing this because I have a Chinese friend, so Xiong, if you read this: you're nothing like the chinamen we've met so far and I'm sure we've been unlucky and only met the not so good percentage. Anyway, we manage to get to the long distance bus station with the help of lonely planets' frase section and get to Qingdao where we can catch a train to Xi'an.

travelling the chaineese way:)
According to Miriam, who was there a little while ago, it's a really good place to find a hostel who can book you a tour to Tibet. thus we go to Xi'an. How far is that again? Can't be that far since the train ticket only cost 108 yuan! That's next to nothing! Buy a couple of bottles of water and some noodles in a shop and just make it to the train. Oh. That's why.... small benches divided by tiny tables make out the sitting area. We sit down and ask the guy next to us a few questions, he actually speaks a little English. How long is this train ride? oh, around 14 hours. (checks with another chinese guy)strike that: 20 hours.        aha..... good thing we bought us some of those noodles then wouldn't you say? He continues being the messenger of excellent news and proceeds  to tell us that the ticket we've bought is without seat reservation.
So at the next stop when the train gets completely overcrowded by farmers and whatnot whit HUGE  bags and parcels and packages... we're basically told that we'll just have to stand for the rest of the trip.... Not so goo travelling....

As we're wandering around aimlessly not really sure what to do, these sweet young girls do their best to help us find a seat. One is available right now, the one on the other side of the aisle will be free in half an hour. Bless the little englishspeaking girls! So here we are, crammed up to chinamen and oh, the smell on the train! This is REALLY budget travelling. We spend 7 hours like this and it's starting to get late when anette comes up with the brilliant idea of at least check how much a hard bed ticket would cost us. (because we don't really want to give in) But when the upgrade will cost us 160 yuan for the both of us, we cave... 7 hours isn't that bad is it, we think we did pretty good. Ho, but this is where the Chinese train personel REALLY get to show how to handle a crisis. Because after we bought the new tickets and get to the sleeping compartments, the conductor there needs to see both tickets. And of course Cecilie can't find hers... Oh the drama!

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travelling the chaineese way:)
travelling the chaineese way:)
finally we oppgraded to hard sleep…
finally we oppgraded to hard slee…
photo by: giahong