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on tuesday Jani, Zaiga, Lelda and I took a train down to Julmala, a seaside resort town that was bery pretty. it would have been lovely but it basically poured rain the entire time!

the place we were staying at actually used to belong to janiš grandma but she signed it over to her sisterš family, who we stayed with because they'd had such a hard time during the soviet times, with some of them spending periods of time in Siberia.

it was a traditional looking house, with a few cabins to rent also on the property. right behind the house is an enormous pine forest. jani zaiga and i played soccer in a clearing in the forst and i'm happy to report that our Dream Team successfully beat the Russian-Latvian Childrens All Stars 5 to 3, i got 2 goals!!

afterwards we had a bbq dinner outside under a kind of sunshade marquee thing, at about 10pm, in absolutley pouring rain, whilst sipping from large shot glasses of chilli/honey flavoured vodka. that stuff burns and thereš no way to get out of drinking it because every couple of minutes they make a toast which you have to drink to.

on wednesday, jani lelda zaiga and i took armein, janiš little second cousin out to this famous swamp - in the pourng rain of course. dad you'd be so proud, not only did we play soccer bur we hired bikes and ode all around the countryside, as well as going on a boardwalk, i felt like i was at the grampians again.

that night we went to the beach for more soccer seeing as the rain had finally stopped and played down there til it got dark, after 11ish. the beach was huge, but ruined by constant bright blue benches, rubbish bins and big changing cubicles all the way along, very weird.

when we got back to Riga on thursday, peter and Ilsa took us to Lido, a gigantic latvian restaurant. the building itself is the biggest log cabin in all of europe, with a windmill on top, and inside there are three separate floors, all with restaurant areas. one of which is like the biggest buffet you've ever seen. there were over 2000 different dishes available, it was scary, seeing as we don't speak latvian, there are people everywhere and just so much to choose from, it was particularly stressful. the food was evetually nice though

afterwards we went to the beer hall part downstairs where there was serious dancing going on. latvian music is basically country and western music, very funny, but they take their dancing very seriously, there were couples twirling up and down the aisles between the tables, it was dangerous. jani fell in love with one of the dancers, he was just sp dprky, he had all black on, glasses and the most revolting mullet you've ever seen... so much fun to watch!!

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photo by: sarahthevegasbride