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Anyway, Dan and Dad headed out early to build racks.  Mom and I followed and were on site at 9 a.m.  The sky threatened to rain at any time, but it never did.  We were the final "feature" of a home festival.  Set up was on a ball diamond in a very nice park.  I rate parks by their bathroom facilities, and this one was pretty decent.  The major drawback was that they only apparently purchased one half of the bathroom-stall door setup.  There was a door, but no "catch - and - lock".  Therefore, there was a good 5 inch gap between the wall and the door in which you were easily viewed by those coming in.  I have a shy bladder, so this was a problem, but easily solved by having Mom come with me to block the "gap".  Sorry, TMI, I'm sure, but hey, it's all part of the experience.  I wish more people WOULD include bathroom experiences in their blogs because, well, it's important to me.  Remind me to tell you my experience of public restrooms in Paris.  *shudder*  anyway... back on topic.

Set up went fine except for the blazing hot temps.  Maybe the temp itself wasn't so bad but the humidity was near unbearable.  Lunch delivered by Gepetto's was YUMMY.

Now for the fireworks.  This show was not only electronically shot, but automatic.  Organizations that buy shows can choose to have a choreographed soundtrack.  Some places then have the soundtrack played by a radio station.  In very complicated shows (such as Columbus' Red White and BOOM, and the Portage Lake show,) it's actually shot by the radio station who sends a signal to the firing system; therefore, we do nothing after we're done hooking it up and checking for continuity.  This show, however, we used a complicated matter that's called "call the guy in change of starting the music, count down from 3, and push the buttons together."  Very high-tech! :)

Anyway, I explained earlier about the difference in shells, cakes, and such.  This show's biggest shell was only 4".  That's pretty small being many shows we deal with 8", 10", and even in the past 12".  However, this was a BEAUTIFUL.  They "head guy" for this show, John, did the soundtrack and he did an AWESOME job.  He started it with the epic theme from Armageddon, and it was PERFECT.  The one flaw we hadn't counted on was that the concussion from the shells caused the soundtrack to skip and we lost some of it, but it was still an absolutely awesome show.  I got to see a "comet" which is basically a super-charged "tail".  They were NEAT!  There were a lot of unique aspects to the show, and it wasn't insanely expensive.  I wish our town would opt for that sort of show.  The music and the fireworks performing together really took the show to the next level.

Then, clean up.  My least favorite part of the show.  It wasn't a bad clean-up, but we had to rake the whole stinking area.  We were done around 12:30 a.m. though, and that's really good.  I was in bed at 2:30 a.m.

There's a show coming up on Labor Day, but I don't think Dan and I are going to do that one.  We'd like at least one summer break.  So, this one will probably close out my blog for the year (after I get pictures posted, of course).  Thank you for reading!  It's been fun typing about the shows.

B-Town says:
Well done Lesley, I thoroughly enjoyed following this blog. I too have a bit of insight w/this as my father is also a licenced displayer. But he only does it as a hobby from time to time. He and his crew set off the Class B's (I only watch) and I play around w/the Class C's. A lot of work, but yet a lot of fun!
Posted on: Aug 02, 2007
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