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Alright, now this is just silly.  I'm really grumpy and my muscles are overworked.  It's 11:00 p.m., I'm 3 hours from home, and we still need to load racks.  They are about 50 lbs. each and we still had about 75 to load on the back of the truck, just Dad and I.  It's dark, the grass is soaked which soaked us, the black powder has now turned into this delightful sludge that got all over everything, including our hands (which burns like the dickens), and I'm dead on my feet.  We finally get the last rack in the truck, secure the load, Dad gets in the Ryder and I get in his truck with trailer, we're FINALLY ready to head home...


Dad's trailer lights top working.  It's midnight, all we have to get us around is a very large Ryder truck full of equipment and we make a WalMart run.  After buying a new light plug and walkie-talkies, we head BACK down to the park, replace the plug and FINALLY take off.  It's now 1 a.m. and we're staring down a 3 hour drive.  The walkie talkies helped us talk each other through the drive and at 3:45 a.m. I went to bed *sigh* for a short 5 hour sleep.

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photo by: diisha392