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I saw my "benefactor" for her weekly massage session yesterday.  She is getting soooooooo excited about daily massages during her trade show, she can hardly stand it.  She practically levitated above the table, she was so excited!

I'm getting excited too. 

I shipped the table yesterday.  My housemate -- who used to be a convention planner -- had some good suggestions for ensuring its arrival and retrieving it (painlessly) once I arrive. It's a bit unnerving to trust a Big Company (UPS) with a prized possession. 

I keep saying "they (UPS or the hotel) can't possibly lose something that big!".  Famous last words (she said, knocking on every bit of wood she can find).  Perhaps I'll just trust my psychic link to my table and that we can find each other wherever we are!  :)

My client wants her massages in the evening, after the day on the trade show floor.  That means my days will be free.  My client thinks I'll also enjoy attending the show some myself. She's probably right.  It's for the arts and crafts industry and I like that.

I have have some ideas of using the experience for the quarterly business column I write for my professional society newsletter.  Scheming.....always scheming......

It was a bit of a suprise to see just how excited my client is for her massage.  I know that her weekly massages are critical to her and her health.  I know that the trade shows are hard on her.  I don't know that I truly "get" just how hard.

I am a blessed person to be able to bring this much happiness and this much relief to someone with just my hands.

I've e-mailed a friend in Chicago I want to see as well.  Plus, there's the Art Institute and the Museum of Science and Industry and...and....and....

I think I'll be having a good time.  :)

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