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Oooh, loved these women's stuff!

I slept like the dead last night, even on a roll-away (which really isn’t bad). I was going to get up at 8:30.  Didn’t make it out of bed till 10.  Finally got dressed and headed over to the trade show at noon.


If you imagine craft-people as round women in cat sweaters who are all sugar and spice, you aren’t entirely wrong and you aren’t entirely right. 


It is predominantly women (though not exclusively) here. Many are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.  But there are also women in their 20s and women in their 80s.  They are also business owners, shop owners, designers, manufacturers, and sales people.


They do love the cute.

She did beeyoteeful cards. I may have to take up card making.
They also have strong opinions about business, the economy, politics, and money. They are creative, imaginative, and working towards a concrete future for themselves.


Which only goes to prove what I say on my profile • don’t let the white hair and round figure fool ya!  I just might surprise you.


I missed B for lunch but hoped to visit some of the booths she’d recommended.  It was so different today from yesterday. So much color, so many people, so much inspiration, so much creativity. So many people, so much visual stimulation…..


I got overwhelmed and went back to the hotel. I decided to take a swim and head back to the trade show tonight.


In talking to B last night about doing this again, I mentioned that even if I did little at the trade show I would enjoy doing this again.

Beautiful paper with an Eastern theme -- Russia, Japan, China. Plus they gave me two free packs for doing some quickie head and neck rubs! :)
  I can use my non-working time as my own, almost like a self-directed spa retreat.  Good sleep, yoga, swimming, meditation, writing, reading.


This afternoon was a little bit of that.  Reading, writing, swimming. The hotel has a pool, well-designed for swimming laps, on the roof, skylights. Best of all?  I had it all to myself! That never happens.


B showed up for her 5 pm appointment, right on time. She was practically dancing. She said it was the first time at a trade show, ever, that she’d had a day without pain. She couldn’t believe it and she couldn’t quit smiling.


The session was amazing. To be able to see the effects of her day and my work on her the very next day is an unusual experience. To be able to add to that work the next day, adjusting, enhancing, learning….that’s even more rare.


And, of course, I was also crazy delighted that the massage had been so immediately and dramatically useful.


After the massage, I joined B and two other friends for dinner. It was fun to listen to people gossip about the ins and outs of their profession. There are things to learn from the wise and foolish decisions in another industry. It was also lovely to meet some new people.

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Oooh, loved these womens stuff!
Oooh, loved these women's stuff!
She did beeyoteeful cards. I may h…
She did beeyoteeful cards. I may …
Beautiful paper with an Eastern th…
Beautiful paper with an Eastern t…
photo by: mahoney