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MY table (set up in the hotel room)

OK, the biggest hurdle to travelling with a client is equipment.  I have a lightweight travelling massage table but it's not exactly carry-on luggage size.  I have several options.

  1. Check it as oversize luggage with United Airlines.  Cost:  $100 each way.  Ouch.
  2. FedEx Ground.  $125 each way.  Ouchier.
  3. UPS Ground.  $45 each way.  Hello, UPS!!

If I ship it tomorrow (Friday), it will be there on Tuesday.  I don't arrive till Thursday but I called the hotel and confirmed that they would hold it for me till my arrival.

The challenge is not the table weight.  The table, packaged, is 45 pounds.  The problem is the package dimension:  10 x 39 x 34.  Tables are a bit ungainly that way.  The size bumped me up a weight category but it's still the best deal I can find.

The other challenges have been finding appropriate packing.  Fortunately, I was able to secure a box used to ship another table.  Perfect!

I suppose I could have worked my network to find a table to borrow in Chicago but that takes a lot of time.  Also, I have to go get the table and return it, and that eats up even more time (plus I don't have a car and I am not going to try to take a table on public transportation!).

Plus, I know my own table.  I know how to set it up, how much room it takes up, what condition it's in, what kind of head rest it has, etc.  To the non-massage therapist, this may not seem like a big deal but we get a bit fussy about our equipment sometimes. 

Sure, I can give a good massage on virtually any table.  But it is just an extra bit of comfort to be working with my own equipment. Especially since I won't be working in my own space.  We are waaaay fussy about our space!  :)

I'm starting to get excited about this!

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MY table (set up in the hotel room)
MY table (set up in the hotel room)