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Some of the absurdly rich/large food I ate. The "pie" on the left should be measured in "hands", like a horse!

B respectfully and quietly awoke me early on Sunday to see if we could do her massage early so she could meet someone at the trade show.  "Early" as in ... 7:30 am.

Good thing about sleeping in the "massage room".  Roll out of bed at 7:20, be massaging at 7:30! 

Another good session.  Her legs were soooooooooooo much better than Thursday night.  She had hardly any pain.  She had a head full of creative ideas that she couldn't get to quiet down, so I did some scalp rub. I don't know why that works so well but it really does quiet the mind.

She donated her left-over half-hour from last night to our 3rd roommate, ML.  She also had a tired full brain and needed some clearing out.  I did scalp, neck, and back.  I think she may have been snoring quietly during part of the massage.

In the biz, we call that "success".

They headed back to the trade show.  I headed back to bed.  Slept like I'd died for about 2 hours.  Then I noodled around in the room by myself.  After all that people contact, I was revving on having the room to myself.  Did a little reading, writing, and TV watching (and enjoyed room service!). 

No swim today.  We were checking out and I didn't want to be lugging a wet bathing suit all day. 

I have discovered that this event was, generally, over-stimulating.  So much visual stimuli, so much people contact.  I'm an introvert by nature.  It's too much for me.  B wants me to attend the trade show in California in February with her.  I'm completely up for it but I think I'll spend a lot less time at the trade show and more time by myself.

B is still over-the-moon happy about the massages.  It's been a completely different trade show for her with massage.  She's more creative, has more energy, no significant pain, and is just plain happier.  Her friends have even commented on it.

It's been a big buzz for me.  Normally, even with weekly clients, I'm a bit like JiffyLube -- come in for your 500 miles tune-up.  I don't get to react immediately to the things that bring them to me since they may have happened days or weeks ago.  I don't get to see the effects of my work for days, weeks, or even months.

This was more like being in the pit crew at NASCAR.  B takes a day/lap around the tradeshow/track and spins in for a tire change and windshield wash.  If I notice she's pulling to the right on her turns, I can tend to it immediately.  If I notice she's losing acceleration on the straightaway, I can respond and send her back out for another day/lap.

It's so intensely professionally gratifying. 

After checking out, I got the table boxed and shipped and sat down to enjoy some cheese and wine till it was time to head into Chicago to spend the night with my buddy Charlie.  B headed home.

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Some of the absurdly rich/large fo…
Some of the absurdly rich/large f…
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