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Saturday morning walking around the "Minerva"

And here we were it was a day before, we would be finally holding our first TB meetup, something my TB friend Carlos  and me   had been talking and planned since the beginning of this year. Of course I must give most of the credit to Carlos who was the one of the idea and did and organize mostly this meeting. I think, he is a very active and enthusiastic TB member. As for me,  little by little I started loving and involving more and more in this site. I had been talking for a while with some friendly and kind people here and the idea of meeting some of them in live seemed to me great!.

In the Argentinian restaurant enjoying our food.
Unfortunately for different reasons some of the TB friends, we invited could not come this time. Nonetheless; our enthusiasm and energy did not go down on the contrary even though at the end we would be not so many people I was really looking forward to attending my first TB meet up and meeting the rest of TB attendants to show with Carlos the beautiful city of Guadalajara with many interesting sights to offer either for local or foreigner tourists. We thought about these days as well because we knew it, it would be an extra or plus interesting event along the last couple of weeks in October the Panamerican games. 

Back to me, a few days ago I had just come, from the beach so the week went by, busier at work.

In "El Parian" in the night, having some drinks while listening to Mexican music and typical dancing.
On friday, I left to Guadalajara city to visit as well one of my best friends Irany, I traveled in the company of two very good friends of mine Linda and Erick all of them enjoy also traveling and meeting new people but none of them is yet,  in travbuddy. Unfortunately, that very day I wake up as though having this feeling of getting sick and catching a cold!. The original plan was to meet friday evening two of the guys who supposed to arrived soon from Atlanta, Karl and his friend  but since their flight was delayed and I was not feeling well we decided to join instead next day.

So, next morning even though I had taken something I woke up feeling even worse and with all the typical discomfort of a cold which was not exactly the way I had expected to introduce myself to the other TB people who we were joining us! I had almost no voice, and started with a frequent coughing but at the same time I was willing to enjoy and have fun with the meetup. Then, early morning Carlos and me stopped by Karl's and his friend hotel to go and have breakfast they had arrived much later than they expected the previous night. So I guess they were a bit tired when we finally met eachother nevertheless, they were ready to go and have breakfast with us. Meanwhile we were expecting to hear some news from the other TB guys who supposed to arrive early morning on saturday but time went by, and we had no news until finally after finishing breakfast and when we were making some walks for some nice spots Carlos got some news from them they flight had been delayed as well so they needed more time to be ready and joined us. So that, part of the morning it was just the four of us, who were walking first at the "Minerva" where we looked a  little of the cycling Pan american games competence, then we made a quick walk for a beautiful church named "Expiatorio" and after that we walked to the Cathedral and downtown spending some time and waiting for the other guys. Around noon we met Jeff and Prescott and my friends Linda and Erick joined us as well. All together decided to walk and see if by any chance in one of the places that were holding the competitions, there was some luck and we could get some tickets for the Panamerican games of that day! As we had been told that some events had looked on tv not so full and people at last time outside in some of those events had been allowded to go inside we had some hopes but maybe because it was the weekend or because it was finally full all the events we were no lucky and  did not find anything at least for the weekend we were there. The only thing we could still have the chance to see it was all the outdoor competitions. In fact the street along we were walking was part of the cycling track and again we had the chance to see briefly passing through very quick some of the cyclists. It was the time most of us were getting hungry so we went to this Argentinian restaurant and waited for a while until we got a table for everyone inside we could see some people eating related to Panamerican games and next to us there was a long table with some girls of Argentina hockey team. The restaurant in general was nice the food was ok, but perhaps because they had too many people that day and just few waiters and waitresses the thing is at the end when we asked for the check it was just printed the last total of the whole check so it was a little confusing as we were 8 people, anyway other than this mess and discomfort while paying, the restaurant, and food was ok.

After having our meal we splitted and we took free time for the rest of the day. In the night we gathered together again in "El Parian" in Tlaquepaque a typical and very touristic area of restaurants that is famous because you can eat  Mexican typical food and drinks such as Tequila and enjoy a variety of local singers and dancers making sort of a  Mexican show. We ordered a bottle of tequila and some food that we shared. So, even though I was not yet well the smell of tequila had been really tempting me since a day ago so I decided to have a very little to join everyone and say cheers!. Of course it was a nice time but fun came specially when Jeff and Prescott  tried a very spicy chili just like this, without any food or so, then the rest of us were like no way are you kidding? because that chilies are really hot. Then, you can have an idea what happened next, after a few seconds, specially Jeff was red face and almost sweating lol!! it seemed the chili had made its whole effect. When we finished with our food and drinks Karl and his friend said good night and left. All of them had already made plans short time ago, Jeff and Prescott made plans to take a tour next day to Tequila and Karl and his friend same thing to go to Chapala lake. Unfortunately my friends and me, could not join any of the tours they were taking next day because we had not much time next day as we had to take back a bus in the aftternoon so it was the end of the TB meetup at least for us. Next day we just have breakfast and went to do a visit to a mall and our time to go back to Morelia was there.

Anyway, despite of having formally just one day of TB meetup with Carlos and the rest of TB guys, and being sick that weekend I really had a great time it was a very nice experience to meet new people who share common interests and the love of traveling so of course why not? I hope there will be a next time again.

Ooops, can not believe it, still in such a shock! I am so sorry Carlos and the rest of TB guys, I am ending this story with a last minute very bad news, but while trying to upload the pics to add into this blog and to finish properly I still do not know, how it happened, but obviously as a big, big mistake, the whole pics I had taken of the meetup have gone, deleted! oh no what a shame! I apologize to everyone, not much I can do now, other than leaving this blog incomplete, without any photo:(  and just keeping with me, the nice times and memories we spent! 

After talking to Carlos yesterday he suggested me to add some of his pics to fill out my blog so that I am adding a few, as courtesy of Carlos :D 



Fabulous travel blog about your meeting. - Thnaks for the congrats on my featured review. Greetings from Germany.
Posted on: May 14, 2014
traveller98 says:
It sounds like you had a lot of fun, good on you for helping others to do the same!
Posted on: Aug 27, 2013
amazed says:
Looks like a great time
Posted on: Apr 23, 2013
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Saturday morning walking around th…
Saturday morning walking around t…
In the Argentinian restaurant enjo…
In the Argentinian restaurant enj…
In El Parian in the night, havin…
In "El Parian" in the night, havi…
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