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A 3 day trip to Bulgaria, 2 nostalgic trips to the land of my birth, Morocco, Spain… and I finally reached my milestone: 1,000 towns parkbenched.

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December 24th, 2010Hillside, New Jersey
December 26th, 2010Portland, Oregon
December 27th, 2010Rickreall, Oregon
December 27th, 2010Silverton, Oregon
December 27th, 2010Sublimity, Oregon
December 28th, 2010Newberg, Oregon
December 28th, 2010Tualatin, Oregon
December 28th, 2010Durham, Oregon
December 28th, 2010Tigard, Oregon
December 29th, 2010Dallas, Oregon
December 29th, 2010Monmouth, Oregon
December 30th, 2010Independence, Oregon
December 30th, 2010Corvallis, Oregon
December 30th, 2010Salem, Oregon
December 30th, 2010Keizer, Oregon
December 31st, 2010Vancouver, Washington
January 1st, 2011Amity, Oregon
January 1st, 2011McMinnville, Oregon
January 1st, 2011Lafayette, Oregon
January 1st, 2011Saint Paul, Oregon
January 1st, 2011Hubbard, Oregon
January 1st, 2011Aurora, Oregon
January 1st, 2011Canby, Oregon
January 1st, 2011Oregon City, Oregon
January 1st, 2011West Linn, Oregon
January 2nd, 2011Milwaukie, Oregon
January 2nd, 2011Lake Oswego, Oregon
January 2nd, 2011Gladstone, Oregon
January 2nd, 2011Woodburn, Oregon
January 3rd, 2011Stayton, Oregon
January 3rd, 2011Aumsville, Oregon
January 4th, 2011Lincoln City, Oregon
January 4th, 2011Depoe Bay, Oregon
January 4th, 2011Newport, Oregon
January 5th, 2011Sheridan, Oregon
January 5th, 2011Beaverton, Oregon
January 6th, 2011Sacavem, Portugal
January 6th, 2011Portelo, Portugal
January 27th, 2011Lakhssas, Morocco
January 27th, 2011Bouizakame, Morocco
January 27th, 2011Guelmim, Morocco
January 27th, 2011Sidi Ifni, Morocco
January 27th, 2011Mirhleft, Morocco
January 31st, 2011El Kolea, Morocco
January 31st, 2011Ait Umghal, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Temsia, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Bouzog, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Ait Moussa, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Jorf Temsia, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Ait Baha Temsia, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Tamait, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Douar Bob, Morocco
February 1st, 2011Drarga, Morocco
April 4th, 2011Luleburgaz, Turkey
April 4th, 2011Babaeski, Turkey
April 4th, 2011Havsa, Turkey
April 4th, 2011Edirne, Turkey
April 5th, 2011Kapitan Andreevo, Bulgaria
April 5th, 2011Svilengrad, Bulgaria
April 5th, 2011Lyubimets, Bulgaria
April 5th, 2011Kharmanli, Bulgaria
April 5th, 2011Khaskovo, Bulgaria
April 6th, 2011Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria
April 6th, 2011Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
April 6th, 2011Kazanluk, Bulgaria
April 7th, 2011Chirpan, Bulgaria
April 7th, 2011Plovdiv, Bulgaria
April 8th, 2011Corlu, Turkey
April 8th, 2011Cerkezkoy, Turkey
April 8th, 2011Kizil pinar, Turkey
April 8th, 2011Velikoy, Turkey
April 19th, 2011Coslada, Spain
April 19th, 2011San Fernando de Henares, Spain
April 20th, 2011Rosemont, Illinois
April 21st, 2011Catalina, Arizona
April 28th, 2011Des Plaines, Illinois
May 1st, 2011Ain Harrouda, Morocco
May 9th, 2011Ben Yakhlef, Morocco
May 16th, 2011Skhirat, Morocco
May 17th, 2011Ain Attig, Morocco
May 18th, 2011Ain Harhoura, Morocco
May 23rd, 2011Mers el Kheir, Morocco
May 23rd, 2011Tamesna, Morocco
May 23rd, 2011Sidi Yayha Zaer, Morocco
June 20th, 2011Jerada, Morocco
June 20th, 2011Ain Bnimathar, Morocco
June 20th, 2011Tendrara, Morocco
June 20th, 2011Bouarfa, Morocco
June 21st, 2011Bni Guil, Morocco
June 21st, 2011Figuig, Morocco
June 22nd, 2011Boanane, Morocco
June 22nd, 2011Boudnib, Morocco
June 22nd, 2011Ksar Taous, Morocco
June 22nd, 2011Ksar Oulad Ali, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Kta el Wad, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Zaouiat Tinjdad, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Tirfaght, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Talalt Tinjdad, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Tayzri, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Asrir, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Nemro, Morocco
June 23rd, 2011Tinejdad, Morocco
June 24th, 2011Tinghir, Morocco
June 24th, 2011Ait Snan, Morocco
June 24th, 2011Tesgui, Morocco
June 24th, 2011Tametoucht, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Boumalne Dades, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Ait Oufi, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Oudinar, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Ait Ider, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Sidi Daoud, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Ait Arbi Est, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Ait Oughlif, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Tamalelt Dades, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Ait Ibghrir, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Ait S'haq, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Ait Yureen, Morocco
June 25th, 2011Igherm Miloud, Morocco
June 26th, 2011Boskour, Morocco
June 26th, 2011Ait Amu Brahim, Morocco
June 26th, 2011Ait Said, Morocco
June 26th, 2011Ait Hamou, Morocco
July 8th, 2011Fuengirola, Spain
July 8th, 2011Mijas, Spain
July 9th, 2011Torremolinos, Spain
July 9th, 2011Malaga, Spain
July 9th, 2011Benalmadena, Spain
July 10th, 2011Antequera, Spain
July 10th, 2011Loja, Spain
July 11th, 2011Granada, Spain
July 12th, 2011Huetor Vega, Spain
July 12th, 2011Monachil, Spain
July 12th, 2011Cajar, Spain
July 12th, 2011La Zubia, Spain
July 12th, 2011Ogijares, Spain
July 12th, 2011Gojar, Spain
July 12th, 2011Dilar, Spain
July 13th, 2011Linares, Spain
July 13th, 2011Mengibar, Spain
July 13th, 2011Jaen, Spain
July 14th, 2011Bailen, Spain
July 14th, 2011Andujar, Spain
July 14th, 2011Marmolejo, Spain
July 14th, 2011Montoro, Spain
July 15th, 2011Cordoba, Spain
July 16th, 2011Marbella, Spain
July 16th, 2011Estepona, Spain