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And so Prague is the dream it is all suppose to be! Absolutely beautiful, you turn your head in any direction, look up and you see Industrial Art or Art Nuevo. The Industrial Art is thanks to Communism, this is often depicted by workers untied in labor. Strength and cooperation are the essence. Art Nuevo is the flattering of the beautiful figures flowing hair and dresses captured in a moment of art. It is such a remarkable city. The walking tour is 3 hours and well informed, without it the history  of Czech is alien to the beauty of the cityscape.

I met my first host of 4 days, an American living in Prague, filled with dark irony, he is the pinball wizard. Another couchsurfer was staying at his place.

  Funny but vegan, not all the silly shit you may associate with someone who has not enough protein in his diet, he was normal. After another successful hitchhike, we went out after I had arrived. I really wish one day America becomes safe enough to hitch. I took my wonderful bought in Budapest, my 1950’s horsehide jacket out cause the weather got noticeably colder. Now, I can’t be sure but why would 3 English speaking middle aged men be the center of 3 different groups of attractive women if it wasn’t for the beautiful jacket? I can’t hardly explain why else a lovely woman of 25 would fall for little ole me. Happy I am.

To my next host for 3 days. Czech, incredible intelligent conversation. I feel alittle guilt here. Here is this guy, remarkably intelligent but because he is born in the wrong side of Europe- he doesn’t have the same chances someone with half his intelligence would have say in England. It is a pity but Eastern/Central Europe keeps turning out these intelligent university educated people even though there is no place to go. So how long is long enough to have sex 3 times with your hosts’ ex girlfriend… in his kitchen.  I know- not cool but he told her “you’ll like him”.  I am at fault but …. Ahwell no one is perfect.

If there are 2 cities in Europe one must see- Paris of course doesn’t count! London and Prague.

brettjayhawk says:
Prague is one of my favorite cities in the world, great blog!
Posted on: Oct 20, 2011
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photo by: vulindlela