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It's my last week in Marseille, the city that I've declared as my home away from home... and I'd like to drop my final sentiments for this beautiful, yet often misunderstood, city down...

Despite the dirt and poop, I personally feel that Marseille's one of the best cities to live in in France, as it is strategically located between oceans and mountains, plus there are no problems accessing public facilities such as hospitals, shopping districts, etc...

My favorite place in Marseille are the beaches.. Stone, gravel, sand.. You have it all! I love hanging out on the Prado beaches, and being the oh so fortunate me, I got to catch not only the world beach volley tournament, but the euro beach soccer tournament too! It's a great little beach stadium overlooking the waters and the mountains. The Plage de Prophet is a great sandy beach too, with open access all day.. Taking a stroll along the Corniche is a magnificent experience as your eyes feast open the shades of turquoise waters and the neighboring islands, while you hear the chopping waves hit against the rocks.

A cute little place to discover's the Vallons Des Auffes just along the corniche. There is a great Italian pizzeria overlooking a tiny port, and the sea up ahead. The buildings around it are colorful and you'd go: 'Oh, what a cute little town! :)'.

Being in Marseille, everybody gets soaked in the OM spirit and automatically converts to a soccer fan. The OM song, the OM games, the OM jerseys.. they are everywhere! OM= Olympic de Marseille = How important Real Madrid is to Madrid etc.. If I have to quote a lousy example. The Vendrodome Stadium is one of the best in France, and it is spectacular to catch a live match there. Besides soccer, Marseille is also getting geared up and this year, it is also an official site of the Rugby tournaments.

For French partying, I would suggest L'Aperos at the Vieux Port/ Cours Julien (accessible by the Notre Dame du Gard metro). It is a great sight to sit around at the Vieux Port and watch the sun set over the 1000s of yachts and boats. Cours Julien is a trendy area  that boasts of the best grafitti I've ever seen :) Never try to hit a club at the Vieux Port.. the clubs are soooo bad.. It's embarassing for anyone to know you've been there :) For tourists, it is a sad truth that the real clubs in Marseille require you to have a vehicle, coz public transportation ends early. If you are a lucky chic like me to find nice chauffeurs, head down to Bazar, Les Maronnaise, or the Hippodrome. Great  music, great ambience, safe enough.

For foodies, there are not many great restaurants to boast about in Marseille, but the regional specialty would be the Bouillabaise. Try to check with locals where to try the best Bouillabaise, as those in the main touristy areas are usually overpriced and bad tasting. Generally, expect to pay around 40-80 euros for a decent portion.. It costs so much as good bouillabaise requires really fresh seafood.

I love living in Marseille too coz of its accessibility to many beautiful areas like Sausset Les Pins, Cassis, Aix-en-Provence, Aubargne etc.. The drives are scenic and these largely undiscovered little towns are so cute and rejuvenating.

All in all, never take a comment about Marseille being a dangerous city too seriously. I've personally never seen any real trouble going on, and like every journey, it is good to be prudent, but never paranoid.

My Marseille... See you next summer! :)

jcavillamil says:
your blog was so helpful! i will live in marseille for about 3 months this fall, really getting into the feel of marseille, you have the savoir-faire of living in marseille!
dirt and poo! i look forward to marseille!

if you are still around travbuddy, please tell me a "petitefleur" itinarary in marseille i would gladly make in your honor
Posted on: Aug 08, 2008
JazzFlight says:
Na' you enjoyed it more than I did. Reading your thoughts about your trips so far makes me wanna go to South-France again. You gotta go and do Italy next year! You'll fall in love with that country too I'm sure of that! Don't worry, won't commit adultry with France. Haha..
Posted on: Aug 28, 2007
JazzFlight says:
Flew over Marseille 4 days ago and had to think about petitefleur! Great you enjoyed it so much! Greetings from Shanghai!
Posted on: Aug 28, 2007
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