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In short: Party with locals , drugs , drunken driving, pulled over by cops, puke on the street..

Well, for a while i though that ive lost my camera AND my passport,but things worked out, at least for me. I didnt lose my camera, i just hid it under the hostel bed and when they cleaned the room they found it under the bed. I thought i left it in the car, but when someone told me that they saw me leave with it and told me when i told them the next day over the cellphone.

So for a time i thought i lost my camera and passport..

But for the driver of the car last night he lost his drivers license and got a 2000 Euro fine! I feel bad for sitting in the car, but i did not ask him to drive the way he did. He drove fast, and if he drives like that all the time i guess he would have to change tires every year.

Anyway. A met a guy called Domenic and he showed me around the city and he did a job that surpasses several official tour guides. He even invited me to a party with his friends. I bought a lot of beers for them as a thanks. Around 100euro for my stay in Vienna for one night isnt all that bad, but its more than my budget of 60euro a day. Well.. budget and budget, ive used around 90euro everyday, but how often are you in Europe having fun?
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photo by: hellenica