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Drinking is always an very important part of traveling , and there is always alot of things happening when you are drinking. Here are a few of the things that has happened so far. Its also my personal meaning of the different cities.

Helsinki.. Well , the nightlife here in helsinki didnt get me going as the way as you should. There where no jumping and singing in the streets and no going up to strangers and start talking shit. Perhaps the locals know the good places, but i didnt find so many good places , exept for this Happy Jazz club. But thats not for drinking ,but rather to listen to music

Tallinn. The first nights we stayed at the Academic Hostel , a hostel located way out of town. And when the last bus leaves the city around 0.45 its not the best place to stay if you are a nightcrawler, but i went solo and where going to several different clubs (dont remember a single name) and then i headed out of oldtown into the city (where looking for the buss home, i forgot that i where 3hours late) and fell asleep in the room with 3 or 4 different ATM machines.. After sleeping for 30mins or so someone woke me up and i went out crawling again. This time i managed to knock over a street sign (dont ask me how) in downtown Tallinn.. It only blocked one lane (out of two) so the traffic should have been unaffected. Fun Factor 5/6. Came home early at 6AM.

But the night where awsome. Nothing short of awsome. We met around 10people at Tallinn Backpackers and after drinking for 4hours we decided to go clubbing at the "pub with no name".. When we where there we met these aussies that where out for the same thing and we where screaming untill our voice broke. When the Pub with no name closed at 3AM we headed to a 24hours bar where we met this estonian girl and swedish guy and started to talk and just have fun.. Fun factor 5 out of 6.. Came home around 7.45

RIGA. Staying at Friendly Fun Franks Hostel its hard to not go out and party. With 130 beds there are always someone who wants to party and after 3nights here im a little burnt out for the moment. After going clubbing 3 nights in a row and then headed home to the hostel around 4AM and continued drinking untill 6 or 7AM its the perfect party place.. Met some irish guys well into the night and the offered me vodka. After sipping some times i decided to try to empty the rest of the bottle.. Not thinking about how much i had been drinking before it went 10cm down my throat before comming up again.. But after washing it of we went down to have beers and redbull.. Had 3 cans of redbull and only drank redbull and vodka the following night.. By the way , what does "jimbo" mean?

I know Vilnius is a great party location with the broadway club and tons of other good clubs too.

I cant say anything else than CHEERS!!
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Now ive been here in Riga for two days and ive not seen one single thing! The reason for that is friendly fun franks hostel and the nightlife here. Since the hostel is so big there is always someone sitting and drinking and anyone they know how hard it is to say no to a beer.

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