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Ok ok, so its been a long time since I've written a blog. Sorry guys, I've been real, real busy! Well since Shanghai, its been pretty much back to normal. Well when i mean normal, wake up at 7am and head to the hospital for more fun fun anf fun. In the last 2 weeks, I have been in rheumatology one week and last week respiratory. I have to admit Rheumatology was a bit of a drag!! and the only person to blame is not the doctors, but the very slow and annoying english translator!! I now know how important it is to have a highly skilled english translator!!! It made being in Rheumatology quite boring when really it should have been quite exciting learning about disorders linked with dysfunction with the immune system. In saying that though, the majority of patients that came into the clinical room complained of PAIN!!!! so I did see alot of Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

There was the occasional Sjorgren's syndrome and Gaut but all in all it was a fairly boring section of the hospital. I was quite disappointed, I was really looking forward to that ward!! If only we have a better translator. Everytime she tried to translate anything, she would get flustered and quite stressed!!! and dont try and interrupt her during a consultation because if I was to ask a question in mid consultation, I would lose the rest of the consultation and treatment of that particular patient. Well that's enough complaining for one day!!!

Respiratory on the other hand is awesome. Not only is our english translator a genius, the doctor really is determined to educate us anyway he can, in CHINESE  of course:) Although, majority of the patients complain of cough, this ward has been very educational and alot of fun.

Me trying to play pool:)
There was the occasional scare of a patient having Tuberculosis, for anyone who doesnt know what that is, it can be quite a deadly disease which is passed on through air!!! , but hey Im still alive!!! Im not exactly sure what's happening next week to whether our group has another week in respiratory but I have asked to do a week in Endocrine!!! so fingers crossed everyone!! man, i really sound like a nerd here:)

There is so much to tell you guys, but I dont know what I have said and not said!!!Hmmmmmmmmmmm..... All of us in chinese medicine have decided that at least once a week, we would all catch up and have dinner, usually at a western restaurant (after eating rice and vegetables  and noodles everyday for lunch and dinner, burgers and pizza and steak and mexican all sound so.

a sticker photo we took, so asian!!!
.......... good!!!) Last week, this week we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Behind the Wall (Wednesday nite, half price cocktails!!!). Not all of us attended, but hey it was still an event, not to be missed!!!  I did not have any cocktails that night!!! But still had a great time!!! Me being a potato lover, was crazily waiting for my stuffed potatoes!!!! and of course, I was the last one to get my meal!!! about an hour later, i got my meal and basically scoffed it down in like 10 minutes!! Charming i know!!! You will not believe how good these potatoes tasted, it was truly worth waiting for an hour!!! Unfortunately, it will be our last time going to that restaurant. For some DODGY reason, they charged an extra 200yuan on our bill!!! and that night wasnt the first time it happened!!! Im not quite sure what happened in the end, by i know i ended up paying extra for my meal and most of my friends payed more to try and cover the bill!! 

I have to admit being in CHina has made me more aware of things!! It has made me real careful to who i trust and talk to.

this was in shanghai, I ate chicken's feet, yuk!!
Alot of people of china are very dodgy and lots of then I just dont understand. Just the other day at night, I was with one of my friends, walking down a busy street to find a man violently harassing a women!!! It was quite disturbing to see actually, the man hitting and bashing the women, and both of them shouting at each other in CHINESE!!! so dont ask me what it was about. Did anyone help!!! NO............. Everyone was surrounding them  and watching them as they fought and shouted at each other. I just dont get it!!! Im sure if that was to happen in Australia, someone who have stepped in and stopped the fight. Not in China!!! It can be a weird country at times!!!

The weather is still very very hot!!! and im becoming darker and darker as each day goes by. By the end of the China trip, ill b as dark as the night sky. Hehe.... Everyone should be proud to know that, Im liking the hot humid weather and am walking to and from Hospital every day!!!! Not only that, in our 2hour break, I walk home and back to hospital. SO every day, i walk at least 2 hours:) it might be a little excessive, but Im enjoying it for now. I used to take the bus but now, I enjoy walking everywhere. It takes about 30 minutes one way from my apartment to the hospital!!! Who would have known that i would be becoming a walking freak!!!! I guess i found its a great way to clear my mind and at the same time wonder why everyone keeps staring at me in such a strange way!!!! About 3 minutes away from my house, there is a washing car place where all the young boys wash all these really swish cars!!! As I walk pass, they always have something nice to say to me!!!, not that i can understand what they are saying:) There is one boy in particular who gives me a disturbing wink in the eye, everytime i walk pass. (watch out horse!!!_ hehe...)Ah well, I cant help that my hair looks good:0 hehehe... just joking!!!

Ill write hopefully real soon again, because i am sure i have missed so so much about my life in China:)

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Me trying to play pool:)
Me trying to play pool:)
a sticker photo we took, so asian!…
a sticker photo we took, so asian…
this was in shanghai, I ate chicke…
this was in shanghai, I ate chick…
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