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one of our doctors

Well, my first apartment problem arises. The internet in our home stops working!!! Just when i thought things were running perfectly. Well at least its working now:) It seems that when it rains our internet signal dies!!!

Being in the acupuncture section of the hospital has been tons of fun. Im really gonna miss being there. It's my last week, and then off to dermatology for 2 weeks. In the past two weeks, i've made so many friends and have met so many nice people. I've got to know alot of my patients as close as I can, although most of the time I have no idea what they are saying. I've even made some really close friends with some of patients. Just a couple of days ago, we went out for dinner together. It was just a laugh. Looking at the menu, we discovered that cocktails were only about $3 - $5 each, so u can guess what ended up happening.

We all had a very merry, merry time!! Food however was quite pricey. This restaurant we went to, Behind the Wall, specialises in Western food for foreigners. My new friends, Qing Yu Wen and Shi Yu Toong, also had a fantastic time. They didnt seem to like to the western food though!!! What I thought was going to be an early night and just a day to go out for dinner, ended up in a group of us going out to a nightclub on a Wednesday night!!! Very unexpected but hey, it sounded like a lot of fun. I just didnt like the idea of waking up at 7am the following day for hospital! My new friends took us to a club called Scarlet. NO entry fee but there's a but...... we found a small table with seats on the second level and almost instanly, a waiter comes and tells us we have to spend 400 yuan to be sitting where we were.
my new friends, besides shef and yuan
We said NO!!! so he went away and came back and said, "You must spend 300 yuan" We're like NO WAY!!!, so he went away again and then came back, "ok ok 200 yuan!!!" My friends were then satisfied and looked at the menu.So how much do you think we ended up spending sitting on this table!!!! 450 yuan!!!! But that was between 5 people:) and what do you get for 90 yuan a person you ask. Well I tell you what you get for $15 AU. Yuan, my chinese translator/roommate chose this package thing where You get a large plate of french fries, pieces of duck (yes!! pieces of duck), a fruit platter, and of course the most important (just joking, lol) - a big bottle of Johnny walker and like 7 bottles of green tea to mix with it!!! It was awesome!!! The night continued on til the morning, 2am to be precise, so of course the following day wasnt the best but I survived it and was even early for hospital!!!!! AND AWAKE!!!

Well I got side tracked like I always do!!! It's really sad to finish the acupuncture section of my internship.

my favourite patient
I enjoyed meeting new people, making new friends and most importantly having fun and learning lots of interesting acupuncture prescriptions. It didnt even feel like I was really doing any work at all because I was enjoying every moment. Well, almost every moment (sometimes it can be a bit tiring!!!) Im going to miss all the gorgeous little kids, who manage to say my name and even say a hello and goodbye (in chinese of course!!).  After being in the acupuncture department for 2 weeks I've realised that I enjoy being with kids. Whenever I had a moment where one doctor didnt need me or was busy doing something, I'd sneak to where some of the kids get acupunctured. Although, it can be quite heartbreaking to see the kids getting acupunctured sometimes, I still enjoy being with them and playing with them.
acupuncture and moxa on a patient
I'm shocked that alot of kids have cerebral palsy though. Almost 40 percent of children came in for this condition. However, asthma was the most common in kids!!! I even saw a lady and a child with Tourette's. For anyone who doesnt know what that is. Its a disorder, where a patient unintentially moves a limb, or twitches their eye or the most commonly known, where they suddenly come out with an outburst, usually quite rude!!! Im going to miss the whole atmosphere of the place, although a little smokey at times from the moxa, it was one big happy place to be in.

I know what ya all thinking, isnt dermatology going to be just as fun. From what I've heard, its alot of sitting down and well, it's not acupuncture!!!! I do hope i have just as much fun in dermatology though! Everyone keep ya fingers crossed for me:)

This weekend I was planning to go to Shanghai, but plans were cancelled.

I totally forgot about our visa's being changed which means NO passports!! So trip is rescheduled for 2 weeks away!!! So what have i got planned for this weekend. SHOPPING!!!! Ive decided to go see the confuscious temple in the late afternoon tomorrow and have organised to hop on a bus and see some of the sights of Nanjing!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well in Australia!!

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one of our doctors
one of our doctors
my new friends, besides shef and y…
my new friends, besides shef and …
my favourite patient
my favourite patient
acupuncture and moxa on a patient
acupuncture and moxa on a patient
photo by: aleksflower