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DR Shalon, Dr Johnny and Dr Adi (adele)

Hey guys, IM back!!, u guys miss me yet!?! after having free internet at the Hanzhong hotel, i havent been on the internet as much! sorry guys:p BUT now i have internet in my apartment, finally!!!!

Ok, Meet Doctor Shalon!! yep that's right, my name in Chinese. And do you know what it means in CHinese, something like Salad or Chinese food!!! Yep, Im Doctor Salad/ Chinese food!!!! Great to know that im a food in Chinese!!!  It sure makes some of the younger patients laugh. I even get ridiculed from some of the Chinese Med Doctors too!! Its quite funny actually!!!! I would prefer something a little more professional, but ah well!!!

Well, I started my internship on Monday at the Nanjing Hospital.

The Nanjing CHinese-Western medicine hospital is about a 5-10 minute bus trip  (depending on the traffic in the morning - usually it is very busy and quite hectic, ive never seen so many bicycles on the road!!!)from our place, 2 yuan!!! I cannot believe how clean the hopsital is. Its spotless and almost looks like a shopping centre with the escalators going to each level!! My first two weeks are in the acupuncture ward with two of my friends. We start quite early in the morning from 8am (yep, that's right 8am, which means i have to get up at 7am!!! now that's been a  big change compared to my usual habits, ill tell you that now) and we are supposed to finish at about 5:30pm, but we usually are able to leave at about 4:30pm, if ya lucky!!!!!

The doctor we follow for this week, is called Doctor Ai, "Doctor Love"lol.

sorry , i dont know how to change it the right way around
....:) I seem to think he must specialise in weight loss because about 80 percent of the patients are women and want to lose weight!!! hey, maybe i can specialise in weight loss!!!! its has been quite popular for all sexes and ages.  I saw girls as young as 16 to older women aged approximately 50-60 years old, not to mention the occasional boy!!! Doctor Ai has been great to follow. His english is alright -  I guess to understand, but i really do depend on my friend, Johnny, who is chinese and can explain things better to me!!! Thank God!!!! But i just havent seen patients who want to lose weight, i've also seen some pretty interesting cases.  I've seen patients with retinal degeneration, facial paralysis, tinnitus, stroke, shoulder, neck, and back pain as well as cerebral palsy to name a few!!!!

 It so far has been quite education and surprising at times.

Im here!!!
The doctor allows ONLY about 2 minutes a patient, and we constantly have patients in our room through out the whole day. Our room can fill up to 8 patients at  a time!!! Its insane, how crazy it gets sometimes!!! but usually at the end of the day it slows down.

Now one thing that is alot different in comparison to Melbourne hospitals is their rules and regulations on safety, hygiene and privacy to patients. Get ready for this!!! What I've noticed being in the acupuncture ward for a 4 days is that:

 1)They DO NOT, i said DO NOT, have a needle disposal bin!!!! Where do they put the acupuncture needles you ask, in a normal bin, on the floor!!!!, where children, well anyone is at risk at getting accidently punctured. No there's more..

the red bin is for needles!!!
.. the needles dont always go inside the litlle bin, and therefore, there are ALWAYS needles that are on the floor!!! i couldnt believe it!!!  I was so glad I was wearing shoes, but for the other chinese student doctors, the girls were wearing open toed shoes like sandals!!!!

2) They only change the sheets on the acupuncture table and pillows ONCE a day!!! and that's at the end of the day!!! Now you compare that to the student RMIT clinic in Bundoora, where I change the sheets everytime I have a new patient!!!!

3)The Doctors and other Chinese student doctors dont wash their hands. I think I've only seen a couple of them do it now and then, but seriously I dont get it!!! Is it just me but isnt bacteria and germs a bad thing!!!! Maybe im just a little bit of a clean freak when it comes to patients and treatment but still, washing hands is important.

See what i mean, no privacy, less than a metre away from each other

4) OMG, the privacy is NON-EXISTANT!!! There are no curtains that divide patients from each other. Patients lie on an acupuncture table,1 metre from each other with nothing that barricades them to the patient next to them!!! When i say non-existant it is non-existant. Patients, especially women here are keen to get their acupuncture and as soon as they hear an electro-acupuncture machine buzz, they are straight away, wait right next to the bed of the patient. While a patient is putting their pants on, after acupuncture treatment, another patient is right next to her, i mean right next to her!!! waiting to get on the bed. Even at the start of an acupuncture treatment, the doctor is right next to the patient, as they put their pants down. Anyone can see what's happening.

There is seriously no privacy at all!!!! check out the photo, to see what i mean!!!

What else do i need to tell you guys!!! Oh that's right from 12:00 - 2:30pm, the whole of Nanjing closes, including the acupuncture department!! Its insane. Its like Nanjing kinda goes all quiet, for 2 hours, well not really!!! Its still pretty loud!!! But yeah, everything is closed for approximately 2 hours, dont ask me why, but i kinda like it!!!! Im trying not to get into the habit of having a 2 hour nap in my break, its so difficult!!!

Lunch at the Hospital canteen is damn awesome. I can get any kind of meal, whether its rice, vegetables, meat, corn, noodles, whatever asian dish the canteen provides for about 50-80cents Australian!!! Its absolutely insane. I just line up and choose what dishes I want and they deduct it from my canteen card, which has credit on it.

Its great. The only downside is that you have to get in early for lunch because the canteen is only open from 11:30 - 12:30pm and then it runs out of food and closes!!!

The first couple of days, I havent had the opportunity to treat many of the patients and really have only been observing the doctors acupucture techniques, which i must say is very impressive. In australia, we use guiding tubes to push the acupuncture needles to penetrate the skin without hurting our patients. In china, no guiding tube - just a needle. The doctor relies purely on finger force and many years of experience!!! Fortunately, i havent just been observing patients ( it gets a little boring if that's what ill be doing the whole time!) i've been able to do some cupping on patients, so get to do alittle more hands on work, taking out the needles and attaching the electro acupuncture machines. Also, i've managed to even speak a little bit of chinese to some of the patients, which is great!!! and No its not just hello and goodbye, but not exactly a long conversation either!!! Majority of the time though, i dont understand, just give me 4 months!!!!

Last wednesday, had my first official lecture at the Nanjing University of CHinese Medicine. It was a bit hard getting used to a chinese lecturer trying to teach us Diabetes and then an english translator trying to explain what she was saying to us, but in the end I got used to it!!!

Oh and the weather -so so hot and humid, its been like 36 degrees the last couple of days, Its so scorching hot!!!!

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DR Shalon, Dr Johnny and Dr Adi (a…
DR Shalon, Dr Johnny and Dr Adi (…
sorry , i dont know how to change …
sorry , i dont know how to change…
Im here!!!
Im here!!!
the red bin is for needles!!!
the red bin is for needles!!!
See what i mean, no privacy, less …
See what i mean, no privacy, less…
photo by: aleksflower