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busy shanghai train station

Shanghai, what can i say!!! It has been one of the most wildest and craziest and the most tiring experience yet in China. It was an absolute blast. After finally agreeing to accomodation and booking it online, we bought our tickets and off we went on a 2 hour train trip to Shanghai.

The train trip was confortable and smooth and reasonably quick, a quick nap and by the time i woke up we were there!!!! Not exactly the best weather for our party weekend, but hey, at least it wasnt blistering hot and humid, instead it was pouring down with rain, almost everyday!!! But that didnt stop us from doing anything!!! we got off the train and were bombarded by taxi drivers wanting to take us.

no swinging aparatus, why not use people instead!!
Instantly I was wondering why all these taxi drivers could speak quite good english and soon realised they were gonna rip us off if we were to go in any of those ones, so we walked a block, to b harrased by beggers, wanting money. U will not believe how annoying they can b!!! and u will not believe how many times the words,"hello" and "money" have been spoken by these beggers. OMG!!! they will just follow us around until we give up, but no, not me, i wasnt going to succomb, instead i gave them food!!! Food is better than money!!!! Anyways, we got to our apartment - The City harbour, or something like that, i cant remember!!!! i just remember its on 88 yangshou lu!!!lol......and it was better than i expected, it was an apartment for 6 people, near the central part of Shanghai - great location, with gym and swimming pool and 2 bathrooms!!!! and comfy beds!! I was happy and so were the others!!!

We straight away got into the heart of Shanghai, and took a taxi to The bund!!! Taxi's here are alot of expensive than Nanjing, about 5yuan more, so we paid about3bucks for a taxi instead of 2bucks!!! its a big difference in China!!!! The bund is located next to the Huang Pu river.

a side street in Shanghai
It shows a whole street, about an hours walk long, of beautiful, old french architectural buildings!!! Very different to any other part of the city. Many people walk along this street, Zhongshan Lu. Its quite busy during the day, well its busy any hour of the day actually, but its definitely worth a look, for the magnificent view of the bund as well as across the river to see the other end of the city!!After that, we went to another popular spot,Nanjing Road, which in turn, turns to Pedestrian Avenue. Its the main touristy place for shopping. Not exactly cheap shopping, but there is alot of department stores and it really is just a good place to walk down, especially at night, when all the shops light up at night. Its stunning. The good thing and bad thing about this road is the annoying, discrete guys and girls who come up to you and tell us about gucci, prada bags,"come with us, u like.
across the Huang Pu river
.." The first day we only went to 1 but the last day, before we actually left Shanghai we probably went to about 6 or 7!!!! It was so fascinating. All 6 of us would follow a lady off the main side street and into a dirty alley way into a house, up the stairs and then someone would close the door!! It was very scary at first but at the same time i could understand why they were doing it!!! Two of the many places we went to on the last day, had secret entrances!! I wish i took photos, one place was disguised as an art exhibition and a wall just opened up and up the stairs u went to see all these fake bags, wallets, watches, absolutely everything!!! It may sound a little dangerous, but it was an experience!!! and i would probably do it again, but only if ya with a someone!!! the people mite by a little pushy but, they are nice enough to get along with!!! From, there we decided we'd stop by at the Jade Buddhist Temple, to find out that it was closed!!!! thats what we get for not bringin my lonely planet to find out the opening and closing times!!! and since I didnt bring my lonely planet that day, we also have trouble finding out where to go to buy our tickets for the acrobats!!! Luckily i remembered what builing it was going to be in so, we got there with not too much hassle.
across the Huang Pu river

We all decided we would go the the expensive acrobat performance, which was 200 yuan a ticket and boy was it worth it!!! I have never been to such a beautiful performance. Some of the things they did were so...not possible!!! Its truly worth going to!!!! I must admit though the male dancing was quite funny, especially in one act, where i thought they were all dressed as sperms and going through a circle, and there was another act where ricky martin, She bangs was the song they were dancing to!! that was hilarious!!! One performace took my breath away. It was just a male and woman dancing romantically and flying through the air, with just a piece of long silky material. It was just a beautiful act, that displayed such moving cheography between 2 people in love!! No exactly for anyone who is into mushy wushy love stuff!!! There's just so many acts to tell u guys about, but just come to china and see it.

view from our apartment
Its not to be missed!! highly recommended!!!

Soon after, we happened to find a place that was advertising unlimited cocktails, beer, and shots for 50yuan!!! It was too good to be true i thought. There must b a catch. But there was no catch!!!, any kind of cocktail, vodka, malibu....anything. U could order anything, my first order was a long island ice tea, that was a bad choice. Too toxic!!!! I still cant believe how much we paid, 5-6dollars australian for unlimited alcholic drinks!!!! Not bad ey!!!! The place wasnt exactly the most happening place but we sure got our 50 yuans worth of drinks!!! We even met a really nice american guy who was from Dallas:) By the end of the night, most of us were prettty crazy!!! and two ended up going home!!! But the night was still young for me, adele, adriana and jane!!!

it may have been pouring down raining, but hey we still wanted to go out.

funny sign, english menu, where's the english!!!
With all of us not exactly thinking straight we got into a taxi and decided we wanted to go to the bund, ( we werent sure where any bars or clubs were, so we thought the bund would have to have something) well thats not exactly where we landed. Number one, as we got into the taxi, with none of us speaking any kind of chinese, we had a lot of trouble trying to explain to him where we wanted to go. I found out that night that the bund is not exactly what they call it in Shanghai!!! After 20 minutes or so in a taxi trying to explain what we wanted to do, and eventually showed him on the map, he started to drive, but of course!!! with not any of us thinking straight, we saw the first bars we saw and got off!!! It was around the corner from the acrobats!!!! it was very funny at the time!!! As we paid for the taxi, the taxi driver announced his love for adriana in english!!! it was one of the most funniest moments, but there's more of them!! we got out, got into a club, to be told that if we dont buy a drink we are not allowed in!! and we certainly didnt need any more drinks.
Nanjing Road leading to Pedestrian Avenue
So we got chucked out of 2 places and off we went in another taxi to the bund!!!!

Still in our crazy, wacked state we walked along the river to find a policeman!!! he was friendly enough!! He kept flashing his flash light at us. I couldnt exactly understand why, but I thought it would be funny to get in his golf buggy police car and take some photos. So we did!!! OMG!!! the policeman loved it!! and the photos were better than i expected. Ill soon get them from my friends!!!! even though we had no idea what he was saying, he seem to have alot of fun taking photos with us!!!! we quickly left and continued on our way to find a place to party on.

The american guy we met,Greg, called us up and wanted to catch up with us again, so he brought his driver with him and picked us up in a Volvo van and off we went.

our cruise ship during the day
Greg wasnt quite sure where we wanted to go, so his driver ended up driving us around the bund at least 3 times!!! I ended up telling him, why dont we just walk on the bund til we find somewhere!!! I kinda felt really bad for the driver, we were basically going around in circles!!! We ended up in Bar Rouge!!!

It was a 100 yuan cover charge to this place, and I can understand why, It was on the top level of a building, with a view of the pearl tour and across the HuangPu River. It wasnt exactly a view when all the lights were mostly out but ah well. The place was filled with foreigners from many countries, CHile, France, American, Israel.....and so on!!! A lot of people grooving the night away. We had lots of fun in that place. We even met some navy chilean boys who were particularly interested in our beautiful friend Adriana!!! thats not to say that adriana was interested in the chilean boy though!!! The Chilean was very funny and even invited us to his navy ship for a chilean party the next day.

this is funny, first food store is pizza hut!!!!
he had a couple of great pick up lines, which forever will be treasured!!! They were great!!! We never ended up going to the navy ship the next day because we were all tired but it would have been good!!! the nite soon turned into morning and we ended up getting home to bed bout 4:30-5am in the morning!!!

So you guys can proabably guess the next day was not to eventful!!! Hell no!!!

To be continued....... (that was only our first nite in Shanghai, another night and day to go!!!) so much to tell!!!

sorry guys, not the most exciting photos, my friends have them all since my sd card broke and then i bought a new one and that broke too:( so check out facebook, soon k

signing out:)

Chelsea says:
can't wait to hear the rest of it! my mum is always going on about how great Shanghai is... some how I don't think she was talking about the bars though, haha
Posted on: Aug 18, 2007
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busy shanghai train station
busy shanghai train station
no swinging aparatus, why not use …
no swinging aparatus, why not use…
a side street in Shanghai
a side street in Shanghai
across the Huang Pu river
across the Huang Pu river
across the Huang Pu river
across the Huang Pu river
view from our apartment
view from our apartment
funny sign, english menu, wheres …
funny sign, english menu, where's…
Nanjing Road leading to Pedestrian…
Nanjing Road leading to Pedestria…
our cruise ship during the day
our cruise ship during the day
this is funny, first food store is…
this is funny, first food store i…
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