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Well finally I'm in Nanjing!!!! and it has been pouring down raining for the past 2 days!!!! My first essential item bought, and umbrella 20 yuan. Although it has been raining, it has been nice and humid, about 26 degrees, (just how i like it!!) We are all staying in the Hanzhong hotel, which is right in the middle of the CBD of Nanjing. We got here after a 4 hour bus trip from the Shanghai airport!!! Its been so so crazy the last 2 days. Everyone is tired, stressed and slightly grumpy, personally I'm just craving pizza and potato cakes, but slightly tired!!!!

Today,a group of us went to look for apartments in the CBD of Nanjing. Note to self: make sure you bring someone who can understand and speak Chinese!! or else your stuffed!! we started off walking in a dark alley way, which led us to a dirty, dodgy apartment building. We got to the room they wanted us to rent and OMG, the bathrooms were black, dirty and mouldy, there were no matresses, the floor was dirty and it was totally unsafe!!! Just how i like my apartment to be. As you have all guessed, i straight away walked away and moved on to the next apartment building. After looking at three apartments, i was sick and tired of looking. Its stressful and i have no idea what they are saying. Basically, all real estate agents dont want us to live at any of there apartments because NO ONE wants to lease their apartment for only 4 months. To make things worse, the real estate agent was trying to rip us off and try to make us pay for 5 months worth of rent, even though we are all staying for 4 months. So it's been a real tiring day, one which I will have to experience again tomorrow, as I have not exactly found the perfect apartment for me yet!!

Its crazy out there. When walking around the CBD of Nanjing, you really have to be aware of absolutely everything around you. No matter where you walk, there's always a bike, beeping behind you to move. Crossing the roads is one of the most scariest experiences yet. Cars dont slow down for everything. They will seriously run you over, if not a car, a bus or a even a bicycle. I couldnt believe how crazy the traffic is here. I've been to asian countries before, but ive never seen chaos like in China. Its like everyone is impatient, even when there's a green man to indicate that we can walk across a busy street, cars are still pushing their way through, beeping constantly for us to move!!! impatient buggers.

As a group, we quickly looked at the Nanjing CHinese Medicine Hospital, the hospital in which I will be treating patients. It's awesome. Very, very clean and organised. Its like you have stepped into a shopping centre. I cant wait til I start treating patients. This hospital is a lot better than hospitals in Melbourne, i'll tell you that now. But give ya more information on the hospital, when I get a more in depth view on how things work:)

Im slowly tryin to learn my chinese. I think it's alot easier learning a language when you're in the country. Give me 4 months and hopefully, ill be a genius.

One last thing.. for anyone planning to go to china, bring a visa card, instead of your eftpos card (which is a cirrus card). One thing I found is that the only i could take out money from my efpos card was the Sheraton hotel, and they only take out 2500 yuan per transaction (bout 400 dollars AU)!!!

ZaiJian (bye!!)


Chelsea says:
allo ni hao hmm lucky you had a visa card!! i had the same problem in botswana cept i had no visa card, doh!
Posted on: Jul 09, 2007
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