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Budapest… it is funny how momentum builds going from Bucharest on up through the old communist capitols. Each just gets alittle better, though here might be the biggest jump. What can anyone say but beautiful. Buda lies on one side of the Duna  and Pest on the other, both sides are remarkable though I think the Pest (east) side is much more alive. Duna is funny cause I felt like an American in Eurotrip, we call it Danube since I remember but when I came in the city (good hitch) I was asking for the Danube and none knew what the fuc I was talking about so I did swimming mimes, fishing mimes and still lost…Duna! Case solved found my new home.  I was lucky enough to stay with 2 nurse students from America! Love the frankness of the youngin (yummy little pothead) and of the other… I guess it is that must keep truckin’ attitude that is more prevalent in Americans than any other culture.

She feels age creeping up but instead of giving up she will recreate herself. The girls were cool to answer my last minute CS request… after that they went to school from 7am to 4pm and left me to my own demise. They did show me this set of cool bars in an old abandoned building renovated not like a squat. In between we smoked and drank well into the night. The museums are numerous and architecture incredible. I am starting to see the most beautiful Art Neuvo colors and stained glass in the churches. If the churches are good for nothing else in this world- splendid color combinations and beautiful feminine characters from those built in the early 20thC. You got to see how the delicate slender designs of a Daum or Galle Art Neuvo glass is expanded to encompass a whole interior of a church.
 I must say this has influenced me greatly on how I will remodel my apartment in Chicago.

Alittle sad side story but all has pupose. My renter hasn’t paid rent in 6 months, no biggee he’s old and black, my place is paid off so I kinda feel for him but finally he has decided to move on. I haven’t put any money in the place for 18 years, it needs everything- kitchen and bathroom to start, new paint, strip the floors, etc. So because this abundance of Art Neuvo I bought 15 paint rollers with rubber Neuvo designs from like the 20-40’s and will do some work to the borders and trim around the place- hopefully attract the type of renter that will be responsible and pay rent. This is enough to send me back, but I also have some nagging asses that are wasting money and trying to fine me between the condo ass.

and management co. And then the prosthetic needs a rebuild…. And then there is that longing for .... Every Winter I go through this withdrawal, I start with the humming of Christmas songs.  Then I want to buy two tone jackets, and go shopping for thrift store art.  I want to head south, like USA south- Alabama, Geogia and such. Get lost for a few months just bumming around and visiting antique stores, thrift stores, etc… Europe is cool but I think I like more primitive cultures better.  I do like the women, museums and all but it isn’t enough to keep me traveling here for eternity. Sooner or later it was bound to happen. Headed basically the same directions I was but just not spending 2-3 weeks per country. Which does suck, but it is getting cold too so cest la vie.

Back to Budapest… so Budapest has the largest flea market in central Europe. Not only a shitload of great art, priced how?? Silly expensive with no large discounts. BUT I found an amazing early 50’s Sears Hercules Horsehide Motorcycle buckle back Jacket for $20. It is definetly not the man who wears it but women really like the jacket.

Then I stayed with another CS host. This is the funny part of CS. Some profiles are filled in with generalities or things like teasers. You choose the persons profile and it turns into a lonely hearts club. Fuck all boring. Then boring people like to commiserate so he takes me to a CS meeting of non smokers. It isn’t like I say piss on all non smokers but it certainly is an up hill battle for a boring lot of people to sound fucking interesting.

That is why exercise and jobs are so damn important to these people cause else they may smoke, drink and behave in manly indiscretions. Boring versus interesting. Asses hovering over anothers laptop computer, actually FIVE computers in a crowd of 30.  I had one beer and backed my way out and down the road to the cool abandoned building bar where I met a lovely 35 year old German film producer. Always listen to that little voice in your head when it says these people wouldn’t know (deleted the angry part).

Anywho Budapest is filled with beauty and it is wonderful to visit.

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photo by: Chokk