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In 2005 I went to Tobago with my then boyfriend. Landing on the small airport runway lined with palm trees with lush vegetation and the bluest skies I thought, i have landed in paradise and my opinion didn't change at any point in the week I stayed. We stayed in the Half Moon Blue hotel which was gorgeous. It is run by an ex-model who usual jets off to europe leaving a rather prickly woman in charge. It had a small infinity pool and our large romantic bedroom had a view over the bay towards the island's small capital. In the morning I ate flying fish and drank orange juice and left the jam on the table for various colourful little birds to dip their beaks into. We walked to find secluded beaches with two or three other people on them and made friends with a bloke who climed coconut trees to harvest them and sell coconuts on the beach. I recommend hiring a car. the island is only two miles across and having a car means you can see the whole island. Pigeon point is the only beach we had to pay to go to and i didn't think it was the best but it was still beautiful and also good for snorking to see the amazing sea life of the island. Our hotel offered a number of tourist trips and we chose one which took us on a walk through the rainforest. our tour guide was a guy who had shown david Attenburough tobago's rainforest on his trip. he knew the history of each tree, pointed our trails from ants and showed us snakes and told us the history of the island and it's inhabitants. It was the most worthwhile tour i have ever been on. On another day we drove off to find a cafe in a tree house overhanging the sea. it was very disappointing so we drove off and stumbled across a hidden gem of a beach. It's a pity i don't know what it is called but there is a hotel attached and if I find it on holiday website i am booking it. The beach was deserted despite the hotel. we had cocktails on the veranda and played in the sea until the sun started going down. It was so beautiful i started thinking about my grandad and his travels and then i cried because he was dead. The waiter at the hotel thought i was crying because my boyfriend had just proposed! We put him straight and had a chat and he invited us to come back to his village and watch the sunset. We all piled in our car and drank beer on the pier in the village and the ate a wonderful fish meal with rice at his family's friend's cafe. I was pissed by the end. it was a fabulous night. (My ex maintains that while I was asleep in the car on the way back we were in a car chase but he does like to exaggerate and i missed the whole thing). The rain poured for the second half of the week. we were there in August which is the rainy season. But by then I was so much in love with Tobago it didn't seem to matter. we laid off the sunbathing and went to old British forts and lazed on our balcony enjoying the storm. One overcast but fragrent and warm evening we headed to sunday school (yes it was a Sunday). Sunday school is a big street party with caribbean street food, live Caribbean music by a steal band. We turned up with a load of tourists at about 7 and tasted some of the delicious food and sheltered in a bar across the road. as the night got darker more and more cars piled in and the party really started to get going. We danced while it rained under a shelter to the steal band and outside when it stopped. By midnight we were two of only a handful of tourists left and we danced to reggae and raggae versions of madonna songs. There was a wonderful party atmosphere and everyone was really friendly. I seriously considered buying a hotel in Tobago when i am financially a little better off because i love it so much. the people are wonderful, the place is stunning. I want to go back.
travelman727 says:
Great blog! Like you, I fell in love with Tobago :-D
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
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