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Water park with Lauren hugging the elephant.


First of all - thanks so much guys for the messages and the emails - Love it!!!!  Nic, hold on - remember those twins will be gorgeous but for the moment they are better in than out!  So glad you are well - text me if you have news about that belly of yours:)

Dim and Deb - thanks guys.  I will stop complaining about the sweltering heat - but before I do - I am sitting in a puddle of my own sweat here.  You see condensation running down the walls.  I am resembling Kylie from the locomotion video clip again - remember my gorgeous curls....they're back!!!

Our group....

Our group leader is called Hong.  He is my age but looks like he is about 15.

Hong - our trusted guide.
  He has a son called ‘son’ – go figure!  His son came out to join us when we went out to Halong Bay for the night.  He doesn’t speak any English and I think he thought we were all very strange.  There are 12 in our group and we all met for the first time on Saturday night.  There’s Marcus, Jane and their son Will and they are from Wellington in New Zealand.  Jenny, Andy and their two son’s – Matt and Nick and they are from Jersey  off the coast of France although haven’t been there that long and have the strongest South African accents.   Margaret and her son Oliver are from Bondi in Sydney.  And us, of course.  Lauren quickly noted that there were no other girls on the trip other than the mum’s – she has fit right in though.

The water park was fun.

Cyclo tour off to see the Water puppet show in Hanoi.
  There were the most amazing water slides with loops this way and that.  There was also a big circular pool that explored the whole park and pushed you around on a big tube under waterfalls and bridges.  It was so nice to be in the cool water – we didn’t want to leave. 

On Sunday we visited the Mauseleum and did a massive walk.  Kids were close to ganging up and starting a mutiny as we dragged them through the crowded streets.  It was about a 40 mins walk from the hotel but the heat just adds to the fun really.  Every time we passed an icecream vendor (there’s one on every street) they began to chant until we gave in.

When we walk the streets as a group, we are creating quite a stir with the 6 little kids all drawing loads of attention.  Most of the time, people will go out of their way to try and touch them on their arms or their hair.

Is this not beautiful?? Soooo nice. This is the view from outside the caves we climbed up and up and up to see. Well worth it!
  Hong explained that they think it is good luck.  The kids quite like the attention anyway.

Yesterday we drove out to Halong Bay – about a 4 hour drive.  It was great.  We overnighted on a boat in the middle of this bay that is surrounded by limestone formation islands.  Just stunning – and that’s not doing it justice.  The kids spent most of the time jumping off the boat and swimming.  Every meal is a smorgasboard of assorted cuisine.  Huge amounts of seafood (that are lost on me) and all sorts of things.  So much for going to Vietnam and shedding a few kgs.  Ah well.

At the moment we have day use of a few hotel rooms to shower and relax before we catch the train down to Hue tonight.  Not sure what the standard will be like on the train – hey, it’s gotta be better than India, right.

Well, that’s it for now.  So much to do and not enough time to chat and type – now, that’s not like me!

Am having a hard time picking out pics – am taking so many that I want to put them all on the site but I will keep it to just a few so that I can bore you all when I return.  Tam Biet!

wiseone says:
Love this website, where was this in 97 on my round the world trip? Anyway the kids are obviously having the time of their lives and i'm sure its something they will remember forever. I hope one day when my kids are old enough and even born for that matter that I can give them the same gift that you have. Loving the sunset and out of cave photos. The waterpark looks like so much fun. Yes we feel so sorry for you dripping in sweat whilst we have every electrical applicance on that produces heat!!! Can't wait to read more, stay safe and keep up the deordorant!!! Nicxx
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
dimitybarber says:
Don't let all that seafood go to waste - bring me back some in a doggy bag. I'm sure the nice people at customs won't mind!
What is Hong's daughter called (Dare I guess Daughter?).
Can't believe you got to stay overnight on a ``junk'' (I think that's what they call those boats). I've wanted to do that since I was about five and read that children's book The Story About Ping. v. jealous! Love the pic of Lauren hugging the elephant! Your lucky kids are having the most amazing experience. I see a few screensavers in those pics of yours.
keep on having fun!
see you when you get back.
love dim
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
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Water park with Lauren hugging the…
Water park with Lauren hugging th…
Hong - our trusted guide.
Hong - our trusted guide.
Cyclo tour off to see the Water pu…
Cyclo tour off to see the Water p…
Is this not beautiful??  Soooo nic…
Is this not beautiful?? Soooo ni…
This is the style of ship we staye…
This is the style of ship we stay…
Ok - sucker for a sunset and this …
Ok - sucker for a sunset and this…
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