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On the cyclo thru Hanoi - post chocolate icecream for Lauren

Greetings from Vietnam!  We made it.  We all got about 4/5 hrs sleep on the flight to Bangkok but it was just not enough and we crashed like tired little tourists as soon as we checked into our hotel.  A few more hours of nanna napping and we were bright eyed and bushy tailed ��" ready to take on Hanoi.


Thai Airways on the way over were ok although they did get the meal request wrong ��" only 1 kids meal and not 2.  There is nothing fun about 2 kids and 1 packet of chips or 1 chocolate bar.  Add to that the tired factor and I reckon we coped pretty well without any hair pulling - just name calling.  Gotta say that I am a huge fan of videos on demand!!!


We walked from our hotel to the old quarter of Hanoi.

The view in the opposite direction
  My map reading skills weren’t too bad but the smell, heat and constant tooting of horns took it’s toll on James and Lauren after about 40 mins.  It was really hot, too.  Ice creams were in order!  Then we were approached by a cyclo-man who offered us a 1 hour tour for USD3.  I started bartering (not as easy to do with 2 kids screaming at me ��" “mum, just pay it”).  We settled on a price only he thought it meant x 2 because we would need 2 cyclos.  Ah ��" no.  5 hours in Vietnam and there was no way that we were splitting up.  I was hanging onto James and Lauren no matter what.  I think I got this across to him and he agreed that he could fit us all in 1 cyclo ��" Lauren on my lap. 


All I can say to this man now is ��" sorry!  I’ve never seen a man sweat so much.  Hanoi is pretty flat and thank god, that prevented a major tragedy.

Lauren overcomes her - "it's too spicy" phase.
  With the 3 of us for an hour the guy was on the brink of a heart attack.  And yet, still managed to smile at my attempts to make small talk.  I ended up tipping him majorly ��" totally defeating all that good bartering.  But there wasn’t one square inch of this guys shirt that wasn’t wet with sweat.  He smiled and had that “that God that’s over” look on his face as he rode off afterwards.



We are creating a bit of stir wherever we go ��" everyone coming to touch Lauren’s hair.  She’s just lapping it up with big smiles to everyone ��" which they love.  James stands behind me with that ��" please don’t even look at me, let alone think of patting me, stare.


The kids are coping pretty well with the differences here.

James and Addy bear - classroom mascot who must not only accompany us everywhere - but also be photographed :)
  James is a little sensory overloaded just looking blankly out at the chaos.  The look on Lauren’s face as a man hawked up and spat about half a metre away from her was absolutely priceless.  She look at me, just horrified.  I gave her that ‘don’t go there’ look and she bit her lip. 


MP3 players are a huge success.  Lauren listened to Video Killed the Radio Star 5 times in a row ��" singing out loudly each time.  I had to laugh when I was filling in the customs forms on the plane and had Lauren’s passport open.  James noted that it even had on Lauren’s passport ��" UNABLE TO SING.  I was laughing so hard it took a few minutes for me to explain that it was SIGN not sing.  Very amusing.


We don’t meet the tour leader and other touro’s till tomorrow night so tomorrow throughout the day we are going to a water park.  Should be fun. 


Well, that’s it ��" enjoy the pics.  I’ll update again in a few days. 

debbiej says:
love the photos we all thought that it was a great idea good to hear that you are all having fun that ice cream looks nice. well as everyone else has said it is really cold here... have a whinge about the weather. have the kids meet any friends on the tour? it sounds great especially the water park. Have a great time and keep the photos coming. Chat soon love deb
Posted on: Jul 09, 2007
wiseone says:
Hi Michele. Love the photos and hearing about the experiences you are all having. This is amazing for lauren and james, especially seeing lauren use her chop sticks so well. Keep having the best time and look forward to seeing and reading more. Oh 31 weeks and still going so I'll hold off till you get back...hopefully. Enjoy nicxx
Posted on: Jul 08, 2007
dimitybarber says:
Hey spunk! You guys sound like you're having a blast!! This travel log is a great idea - lovin' the pics etc!

Not much to report here...feeling blah and thinking about taking a couple of days off so i can have a bit of a break - maybe a monday and a friday or something...

Don't complain about the heat too much - you'll be in for a nasty shock when you get back. It's cold as hell!!

Anyway, won't waste your precious internet time with mundane crap. You guys have a great time. Say hi to those two gorgeous kids!

See you when you get back,
love dim
Posted on: Jul 08, 2007
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On the cyclo thru Hanoi - post cho…
On the cyclo thru Hanoi - post ch…
The view in the opposite direction
The view in the opposite direction
Lauren overcomes her - its too s…
Lauren overcomes her - "it's too …
James and Addy bear - classroom ma…
James and Addy bear - classroom m…
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