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Candidasa is located in the east shore of Bali. From here, we can see the 2 islands across - Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan (These islands are famous for their underwater scene life).

Very different from crowded Kuta, this place is calm. It has several virgin beaches near the area, such as: White Sand Beach in Prasi, Selang Beach, Padang Bay Beach (Well this one is not so virgin, it is also a small harbor). I believe there are many beaches more, I just havent know yet.

We, me and Rini, visited White Sand Beach on a chance, oh boy it was not easy to find the place, Ketut - my driver plusplus guide, hehee -  asks a lot of locals for direction.
But through a lot of asking, we found the muddy access there, passing some forests, cemetery - we got there. Thank God it was worth it. The beach is indeed beautiful. I'm gonna posts photos of White Sand Beach later on.

Back to Candidasa,
it also has some diving sites, in Teluk Amuk (Blue Lagoon) and Gili Tepekong. Teluk Amuk is 1-hr trip with a boat, while Gili Tepekong is just 15-mins away. The rocks and waves there are smashing. Scared me a bit, I was planning on going snorkeling there, but seeing those big waves crushing and rushing made me change my mind. We were just enjoying our view for several minutes there, and then go to Blue Lagoon in Teluk Amuk. The waves were not so friendly also, but much better. We had a short snorkel, for about 1-hr. Fishes there are bigger than I used to meet in Kepulauan Seribu, but that's okay, I'm pretty much impressed by the varieties of them.
We saw jack fish, a full gang of this chubby and colorful fishes, a school of barracuda, some 'dory' and 'nemo', hehee. Too bad the corals didin't look so good.

But how do you complain, while you in the middle of nowhere, all you see was blue, where the sun shines oh so bright, the view was captivating, and my ride - that jukung boat - gave me so much thrill! It was like riding a motorcycle in water, or like sailing with a tiny bicycle, or like surfing sometimes! It was just so small and so not-steady, but hell it was fun! I got back to my inn at 5 with a huge grin.

We can reach Candidasa for 2,5-hr trip from Kuta.

The inns are also cheapo, here are some that I know:
  1. Sindu Bharata Inn - highly recommended - right in the shore: IDR 75,000 (fan + cold water) IDR 150,000 (fan + hot water), IDR 200,000 (AC + hot water)
  2. Rama Inn - sea view & lagoon view: IDR 60,000 (fan + cold water)
  3. Ida's bungalow - no sea view: IDR 75,000 (fan + cold water) IDR 100,000 (fan + hot water)
  4. Seaside Cottages - sea view: IDR 100,000 (fan + cold water)
To snorkel, hire a jukung (small traditional fishing boat) that can only fit 3 persons for IDR 200,000 per person (ask the fisherman to include snorkel & fin rent in that price).

I dont know the price for diving.

Restaurants here are alot but mostly they kinda overpriced, I say. Probably because mostly veterans and families stays here, locals might assume that they have more money than we the young bacpackers, heheh. I ate a very well done onion red-snapper fish on one fine restaurant in my first night, it costed me IDR 50,000. On the second night, I had an abang-abang fried rice + cap chay rice and it costed me IDR 8,000 - woohoo!

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photo by: mr_shanet